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Hello, I did search the forum but couldn't find the advice I'm seeking, apologies if this is a repeated thread. Anyway I recently (very narrowly apperantly) failed my recruitment psychometric tests to join as a warfare officer so I'm left with two options: wait six months and pass them then or join as a rating and attempt to commission up. At the moment I'm pretty eager to get my journey with the navy started so wouldn't object to rating entry and would probably enjoy the lifestyle more but I'm wondering how likely it is to actually achieve officer status through the ranks and besides the obvious starting salary and living conditions are there any other major drawbacks going via the rating route or is it perhaps a better alternative to waiting another six months to try my rt again?


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@Ninja_Stoker may be able to help, if you join as a rating there is a way to go through the ranks but no guarantee, if it officer you really want, best way to do that is join as an officer, if you really are more interested in joining the navy than being an officer, then rating is a good way just puck your trade carefully.
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