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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RDH376, Aug 12, 2013.

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  1. Hey all,

    I'm waiting to go in as a CT and i've been given an estimate of Oct 2014.

    Question is i've been seeing this girl for a couple of months now and i'm a bit worried about letting things get too serious.

    I know that from Raleigh onwards, there will be hardly any time at all for family or anything outside of RN. We've talked about it but I know that nothing can really prepare me for the life changes that will happen once i get in. I'm going to be a older recruit being 29 now so i like to think i'm a bit more mature than the average new joiner..

    Have you guys seen relationships work for ratings throughout training and beyond? or do u reckon i should dump now before i get in too deep ;-)
  2. It's not this site you need.

    Try 'Dear Diedre' or some other problems page.
  3. no charge this time
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  4. You really do make me hate men.

    Worried about it getting serious? Worried about getting in too deep?

    Please just finish it now, it will be the best thing that's to happen to her, at least she hasn't got to worry about picking up pesky STD's off you.

    And then the only thing you have to worry about is the yellow puss coming from your cock from shagging some old munter.
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  5. Tbh Lauren, this fella is actually showing a bit of common sense, does he develop a relationship knowing that it will be a long distance one, and subsequently asking for advice from guys who have had experience of this, which is far more than the majority of matelots and booties that you will be banged by when you join up would ever consider.
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  6. He asked for advice didn't he? I just gave him my advice, was it not clear enough? RDH, dump this girl so you can shag whatever you want without worrying about "getting in to deep" and so on. Like wits said, you're already thinking of doing it, so put the girl out of her misery.
  7. Options:

    1) keep seeing her and build a relationship so that you have someone to call/write at raleigh when you will be too busy to meet anyone anyway; also serves you well in leave to have some guaranteed vaj. This seems to be a fairly typical navy guy tactic, but you will cheat so make sure you have zero respect for her and are happy to be a wankoooor. Risky though as even though your 2 worlds will be fairly seperate and she probably won't know, always a chance she will and will want to chop it off with a nail file. A big pro is that you can maintain this throughout your career- 'duty this weekend babes', 'training course tonight' etc.

    2) Seen as though you are debating on a message board whether to keep seeing her then you could be honest and just say you don' t want anything serious. Possible outcomes: desperate to keep you so will be willing to be a doormat (see number 1), suggest an arrangement which involves friends and no strings, she removes herself from your life which might just save her sanity.

    3) cut her loose, start practising your cock-shui and prepare for the good, the bad and the ugly to want to hug you. Well hug your penis. With their fannys. This means you have fun, no one gets hurt etc.

    4) if you grow to like her then i am sure you can make it work, you would have been dating for over a year by then but only you know if the effort will be worth it or not, no one else can advise you on that anyway. Maybe she only wants casual anyway, callous heartbreaker she may be.
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  8. Haha, thought this would kick off a storm...

    That last sentence was an invite for amusement, I guess some took it literally!
  9. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    MOD Note:

    I've moved this train crash to Lil's, where it can be given the attention it deserves.
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  10. I thought getting in deep was the object of the exercise.
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  11. My comment was meant with deepest sarcasm.. I don't care enough to take it literally :binky:
  12. Don't think laurenmc alluded to adopting saint like behaviour, just that the wording of the original post makes him sound a bit like a knobba. I hope anyway as i have heard that many a wren have given fish fingers a go after a while at sea and i need a playmate.
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  13. Saint Lulu would do no such thing, i'm the angel of the north dontcha' know Wits? And I'll have Chilli and Tahini on my Kebab thanks.
  14. Ok, but can I have salad with mine? I'm on a diet ya'see
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2013
  15. of course I do, unknown to Rachel she's in luck, fish fingers are my favourite food.
  16. What no rugs?
  17. If little girls are sugar and spice and all things nice ... why do they always taste of anchovie..... oh never mind!
  18. Haha I don't know MG, I'm not one for tasting little girls!?
  19. What about big ones??
  20. Went to a rugmunchers engagement do a bit back, on arriving I got a snog off the feminine one and it wasnt 'till I left that it dawned on me that there was no fish in the buffet
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