Advice for these damn shin splints!!


I've been pushing the training too hard and ended up with shin splints, possibly a stress fracture in my right shin!!! Anyhoo I'd appreciate it if anyone could give me some advice on how to speed up the healing process if possible? I've got my interview in May and although I'll have a further 28 days to do my fitness tests if need be, I'd prefer to get it done sooner rather than later, as I want to get on the September dive acquaint.
I'm using ice packs about three times a day, compression and just getting as much rest as possible, are there any exercises I can do? What phys will I still be able to do? I'm presuming that anything non impact should be fine. I'll be booking a doctors appointment in the morning, but thought I'd ask for advice on here, as I'm presuming a few of you out there have been in the same position.

Thanks for the help.


War Hero
Ahhh haven't had them but, as a nurse may be able to help Gollum. I few tips:
-Maintain your fitness cardiovascular exercise through swimming and maybe stationary bike, anything non-impact
-Try some anti-inflammatory medications, the most common to buy is ibuprofen over the counter or naproxen which you can only get through your doctor on prescription
-Icing is good
-Try strapping affected leg with a wide bandage, or you can buy specialised compression bandages from the chemist. This will help the discomfort and keep inflammation to a minimum hopefully.
-Look at your training shoes-are they correct for you foot type etc. Maybe ask at Sports store and or your doctor tommorow. Sometimes recurring shin splints can be caused through bad orthotics, i.e you may need inserts for your training/running shoes.
-try some gentle calf stretches everyday, especially obviously before any kind of exercise. First thing in morning and last thing at night is a good bet.

Hope this helps. :smile:


War Hero
You can get on a cross trainer or exercise bike, swimming is good too. I had shin splints and had months of physio work to sort them. One of the most important things to do is get trainers that fit properly, my problems came as I have fallen arches and wore normanl trainers.
Get your ass to a decent physio, and get some of these insoles for your trainers, a decent physio will help you with it, don't just buy them off the shelf as they need to be played with.
When I had them in the mob, the physio gave me accupuncture and although I didn't think it would work, it bloody did.
Try it, nothing to lose.


Thank you very much for all the help and advice. Just got back from the doctors and he said he doesn't think it's shin splints, due to the pain mainly being on the inside of my leg, particularly the right. Apparently the pain from shin splints generally occurs on the outer leg! Good news for me I guess, I was worried my training would go out the window for the next few weeks. I'll still carry on with the ice and compression, does seem to help, oh and thanks for the advice about the insoles Lingyai, I got myself a pair this morning and they're excellent!


gollum, ma mates a competitive athlete, he got them mildly a year ago, he done resistence training in the pool with a physio, kinda like running, just in the water, loaded up on ibuprofen, and the physio also sorted him out with orthotics, these are worth looking into, just calm down with the high impact stuff just now to give yer legs a break.
Definitely see a physio' even if it's apparently not shin splints. It's not too expensive, i paid £30 for a 40 minute session. They know their stuff. Boyfriend found he'd got shin splints, but also stress fractures and all sorts. They'll look at your trainers, suggest some insoles and give stretches, Don't put it off, but keep strapping, taking anti-inflamatories and don't do any high impact exercise until you see someone. It's worth it, i promise. I thought i had a bad back, but turns out my feet are flat which has caused stress to my sacro-iliac joint in my pelvis and also a tight sciatic nerve, which is why each time i pull my 'back', i can't move my left leg. They are good people, see one.

I got insoles from here on the physio's recommendation, he gave all the degrees of correction of course. They make a big difference.
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