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Hi everybody.

I'm a 21 year old student at uni currently applying for a Royal Navy bursary, a move which is greatly concerning my long term girlfriend and my family. They don't have any experience of the modern RN and are very concerned that I'm going to be spirited off to some far off climes never to be seen again. I'm still at that phase of selection where I'm not too sure whether my careers advisers are sugar coating the truth somewhat, so I was wondering if you lovely people could fill me in on the details of just what life is like for the family of a warfare officer, how much time is spent at sea, how often you get to see your loved ones etc.

Thanks in advance for your help, or if this has been done before please just push me in the direction of the right thread!

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Hi and welcome. As for the family, I wouldn't be able to comment, however, we do have a sister site here, that is dedicated to the spouses/friends etc of serving personnel. Maybe get your GF to pop over and sign up. The girls are great over there!

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