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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Dysan, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. hi all just got a few concerns i really wont to go in the RN as an engineer but I'm worried about the 18 week course and how intense it is. i find certain maths work hard as i am dyslexic but i am grate at tinkering with things and fixing stuff. so I'm unsure what what i should to

    This is shown in in the last psychometric test i did that i failed, i failed the maths paper by 2 mark's but passed the mechanical comprehension really well (24 out of 30)
  2. So what's your advice then?
  3. Polto

    I think he meant advice for someone going in. He's after advice lol
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The dyslexia aspect should not greatly affect your ability to undergo training providing you pass the English (Literacy) section of the recruiting test.

    The Maths section is both relevant & important with regard the phase two training aspects & without wishing to appear negative- failing the maths section by "only two points" could mean you got over 50% incorrect, so the area of concern appears to be less the dyslexia & more the numeracy skills which can be improved upon regardless.

    Best of luck.
  5. Dysan

    Are you resitting your RT?
  6. i scraped the English and i have been working really hard on the maths since failing and i got my re sit on 10Th Aug some I'm hoping to do a lot better this time, i think that the main thing i struggled with was reading the question understanding the question in the time allowed.

    think the question is that i wont answering am i going to find phase 2 to hard to pass. also what tips on passing psychometric test .
  7. Mate your English is patently better than some of the gizzards who post on here wiv der stoopid txt spk.

    Tips on passing the RT? Revision, and lots of it. Do as many 'mock' psychometric tests as you can, and maybe focus a little more on the areas you've previously had difficulty with.There is a thread all about the RT with links to other online tests you can do for practice here. Try and be relaxed, don't get flustered, if you're struggling with a question and spending too much time trying to figure it out, move on to the next question and then come back to it if you have time at the end, or just hazard a guess. A wrong answer is better than no answer at all.

    Best of luck anyway.

    edit; added link
  8. Hey Dysan i'm glad to hear you're gonna be re-taking your rt exam and havent just thrown the towl in just like that.i too got exactly 24 on my mechanical and i was told that it is a good score for engineering and the fact that you are grate at tinkering and fixing things and are sitting down and trying to work harder to improve on your maths skills tells me that you would do good at your course and in your branch.Having dyslexia is not a shortfall.I've met many cpo and po in my past who had dyslexia,and someone i knew who had dyslexia with a little bit of help got the second highest score on the ngt exam in his class.if you're committed and willing to work hard i don't see anything stopping you from doing it.Plus they offer extra help and assistance with the training if you have dyslexia and many people do have it,you wont be the first one who's gonne through training with it and you won't be the last.Talk to your recruiter for assurance he'll be able to tell you about your course.To improve on your math skills go to your library and take out books on psycometric tests and success,or even a basic gcse maths book,and try to work through the examples really fast.Go on the web and look at "psychometric-success" free site with loads of examples.Just try to know your percentages,number sequences,ratios,degrees,some algebra and try to do your calculations as quick as possible and know your time table.If you work hard and don't see dyslexia as being in the way then i don't see how you can't achieve what you want.
  9. See? Your English is better than this cnut. You'll be fine.
  10. Ignore her she's just in a bad mood from last night, coz her favorate trick called"hairy-ass Bob" didn't turn up on his street corner for his weekly business. :sad3:
  11. thank alot thats really good to hear, i have never let dyslexia stand in my way but it does consern me.

    my brother just finished at HMS Raliey and got a captins honers for best academic student
  12. well if it is any consolation, I got 4% in my maths exam at school for higher (I got the 4% for labelling a triangle, and I think also out of sheer pity) , and managed to pass the RT test after putting in a looooooooooot of work in maths (like 3 hours a day minimum for a good two months).

    My AFCO actually laughed when I told him what I got in my maths exam at school...:)

    anyway good luck man,
  13. if by engineer training you mean a dirty stoker fish-head, then you'll be fine on the course - its all multiple guess!
  14. "To improve on your math skills go to your library and take out books on psycometric tests and success,or even a basic gcse maths book"

    I did this yesterday, thought maybe I was being a little excessive at the time but to be honest I don't think a person can prepare enough for stuff like this. If I have the potential I want to show it to its' maximum.
  15. Are you all able to breath unaided?
  16. i have had a ex lecturer help me prepare he been doing lots of speed reading and mock test with me so hop that this time i will pass.

    not to long now 10Th of Aug just been for my eye test this morning and passed with flying colours so that's 1 down 4 to go.
  17. well good luck on the 10th

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