Advice for my RT test please.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by TheAaronP, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. Hiya Chaps,

    Have my RT test on the 23rd, I have been practising using the booklet they provide, but it is rather limited.

    Does anyone have any links to any websites that offer similar tests, so that i can practice?

    Also, obviously at the interview stage i should wear smart clothing, a tie etc but should i at the RT test?

    Also, one last one, assuming i progress through past the interview and then onto my medical, can i specify a later date to do the medical (obviously being aware this will delay my start), if i feel im not ready physically for it?

    Many thanks everyone.

  2. I take it by RT test you mean the recruit test? If you do, then no dress code required, I turned up in jeans, polo shirt and about a week's worth of stubble and was still the smartest one there!

    Don't know of any websites but I went to mine without having done much in the way of preparation due to exam revision but passed more than happily. It's more of a test to see if you have a brain and it's not permanently residing in your rear end and that you do have the potential mental capacity to be able to cope with naval training.
  3. beat me to it soleil :) I tend to be of the opinion that first impressions count so I turned up in shirt and pants. Didnt bother with a tie but made myself relatively presentable. I still managed to be one of the smartest there with most going in jeans and t shirts. Its really up to you as there is no rule that you have to go smart.
  4. Thanks guys, i think i will dress smart, never hurts does it?

    And any idea on the medical thing? I just want to ensure i am 100% where i need to be fitness wise before going into the medical.
  5. I'm 32 and not that fit, wear specs, smoke, drink and colourblind and I still passed the medical.

    Got myself in shape, sort of, for the fitness test. Just made sure I could run the 1.5 miles in well under the time they give you. Passed that no probs.

    The RT is good fun. Just work out how long you have for each question and get on with it. In my test they didn't tell you how long you had left and most people didn't finish each test.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Its actually the BMI thing im concerned about, ive spent my life lifting weights and doing very little cardio, after a year off its resulted in me being very heavy with a combination of muscle and fat.

    So my only concern is, although im making really great progress and have shed a tonne of weight already, will i have enough time before i get to the medical stage.
  7. a tonne of weight already,

    Christ, thats some weight loss.
  8. :p

    It feels like a tonne ;)

    More like 12lbs, from the last two weeks worth of dieting and training.
  9. I passed and I didn't finished all the questions on my maths and English ones. When they tell you pens down, just randomly cross the last few, better than leaving em blank.

    And the medical is nothing to be concerned about. All my doc did was blood presure, BMI, all that crap. Had a look at the 'bits and bobs'. Thats it.
  10. There are plenty of threads on the recruitment tests, try the search tab.

    At the interview stage, just be yourself and make sure you read up on your training pipeline.

    I've passed my fitness test today, just got to wait for a re-entry date

    Good luck, its well worth the effort

  11. Nice one Wingnut.
    :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  12. The BMI test the doc does is all down to how much common sense said doc has. I play rugby for my local team, go to the gym etc am built like a brick sh!thouse yet have a body fat percentage of 12%. My BMI is 28.18 and I was declared TMU by the doc and told to lose 5kg.
    Yet I know through people on here with higher BMI's getting through who declared they just had to lose the beergut! It all depends on the Doc that you get - some have common sense others dont!
    My advice would be to get your BMI under 28.
  13. Thanks for the advice mate, so with your BMI being 28.18 you still didnt pass the medical?

    So if you fail the medical, what are your options then? Can you retake it? Do you have to wait a year or so?
  14. I was told to go back once i lose the 5kg and rebook the medical. With a BMI of 28.18 Im "apparently" overweight. Its all a load of bullsh!t that some clever c*nt dreamed up that for x height you need to be x weight. It definately has its uses in determining if someone is a fat knacker but shouldnt be taken by the book - especially when you consider not one of the England rugby team would get in the armed forces because they are all overweight :)
  15. Yo

    Just passed mine this morning - really wasn't anything to get het up about. The booklet and reading about the tests were enough to see me through.

    I ended up just wearing suit trousers, shoes and a shirt and i was the only one wearing a shirt. Jeans and the like was the norm.

    Good luck!

  16. Congrats on passing mate! Good job! :)
  17. Well done for making the effort to wair a shirt, and congratulations for passing. :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :thumright:

    You should have your interview next, good luck for that WN
  18. Erm, for the medical, if anyone knows.... do they look at girls 'bits and bobs'?

    I suppose it would just be 'bits' really.

    ? ^_^;
  19. Well, im pretty sure they dont cup your boobs and ask you to cough. :whew:

    They will take your BMI, and check all your other stats, im not too sure what happens with regards to inspecting your "bits" if you are female.

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