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Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by spottydog, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. what do do do if a member of stsff doesnt accespt or respect the fact you are 1st lt and goess his own way. what would you do?

    me im a ex squaddie and believe a swift dig round the back of the drill sheds works,

    help me pease before i lose my rag and my scc rank.

  2. You have to ask why he doesn't respect you.

    A quiet non-confrontational word may help, but to be honest the situation shouldn't have been allowed to develop. Since it obviously has, said member of staff (interesting choice of phrase) should be reminded the command structure exists for a reason and if s/he cannot accept this then perhaps the organisation isn't the future for him/her.
  3. ok more info the member of staff in question is an ex sea cadet abd did 8 months in the navy again i say 8 months in the navy i did 12 years service in the army. he basically thinks he know better. i have no problem with ex sea cadets at all but i was given this position because i can do this and i have contacts through work. he constatnatly under minds me and in front of cadets. i am at my wits ends the latest thing is he refuses to wear 3b's as dress as the mcd staff only wear 95's, the only problem is his no4 kit is dirty and his boots are green.

  4. Troop him.
  5. Agree with grefs. Chain of command must be followed.
  6. Have a quiet word with him and tell him to buck up his ideas. If that doesnt work, troop him and make an example of him. You will lose the respect of the rest of your unit if you aren't seen to come down hard on this type of behaviour.
  7. Time for some horoscope reading, and if he doesn't get the message fast, of caps in front of the unit CO.

    Unless he is to get your job you need to show you are in charge and make sure both he and you CO know that.

  8. Having being pulled up for not giving my 1st Lt enough respect in the past, I have to say it can be a two way thing, the person in question seemed to have forgotten that we are not in the Navy and do not need to be spoken to like 1st day raleigh recruit. Also having to remind some that they do not on any occaion pull any Adult up infront of the cadets, we are trying our bests but we are not experts on the Miliarty or it's ways and customes

    Some SCC memebers of staff have to be reminded of this on more than one occation. Also some have to be reminded that lots of us have a life outside of cadets and if we don't make it each week or don't go on every weekend it's not because we are slacking it's because we actually have things called jobs, lifes, families.

    If you want to go on a power trip may I suggest the TA or somthing simliar as if you keep trooping, pulling up memebers of staff as you call us, you'll find it won't be their repect you lose but there help altogether.
  9. Wompingwillow - sorry, I disagree. The SCC is not the RN, granted. However, the XO cannot be embarassed in front of his unit, or he will lose all respect. A quiet word is the way forward, but it sounds like this guy has serious attitude problems (incorrect rig etc). Interview negative coffee beckons...

  10. 100% agree, this is the way to go. It would appear that for whatever reason, you don't have this individual's can't compound that situation by losing the respect of anyone else.
  11. Doesnt matter where you go or what you do there is always a chain of command or pecking order. If you are the 1st Lt and this other chap is of a lower rank (actually the only one higher than you would be the CO) then its your responsiblity to show him the way forward.

    Failing any reasonable suggestions - use the heavy end of a marlin spike on his head and drop the cnut :roll:

  12. So is this bloke a marine insturctor?
  13. Personally I wouldn't even go down the quiet word route.
    I'd have a loud bl00dy word and put him in his place once and for-all.
    If his kit isn't up to scratch, make him wear it and make him clean it, if his attitude sucks, tell him to sort it, if he doesn't comply, get rid of him, he is a bad influence on the kids and is undermining you.
  14. As a 1st Lt myself, i would catalogue/document indiscretions for a period of 2-3 months, put a case together and present it to your CO.

    Then from thier it can be his problem, continue to gather examples of indiscretions and formal complaints and support your CO in whatever action he deems appropriate.

    I would push for / suggest getting the DO invovled and inviting said knobber to fill out his own P7 Application for discharge.

    I have just sent a letter to a PPO asking them to sign a pre filled one and return it with ID Card and uniform.

    Let us know how it turns out.

  15. As the xo you are in effect in charge of morral and discaplin. There fore you could call a meeting of ships company officers and senior rates and point out that you arn't happy with the support you are getting etc. without singlingout the person in question.although a smacking round the back of the boat shed might make you feel better for an hour or two it very rarely resolves any problems.
    If you feel you can't go to the co then Area staff maybe able to advise you .
  16. The Sea Cadets does not work in the same way a military unit or even indeed a civilian company the SCC works on pure voluntary cooperation
    First why is this person so anti if you can agree a difference between you or the person will not respond to this you must talk to your CO, if the situation persist the chairman and DO may have to get involved
  17. He still needs rembranting which ever leafy lane you eventually decide to go down
  18. It gets better...

    I know the person he is talking about...

    Spottydog had him in the office for a frank and open discussion, and the twot used "i dont know" as his defence...

    So cards were laid on the table, and the scroat was made to read the "terms of reference" for the 1st Lt... after he read it he was asked if he was now happy? "Yes" was the answer.

    He was also asked if he had a problem with the choice for 1st Lt? "no" was the reply....

    OK Sign here to say you read and under stood the TORs for 1st Lt, the Unit Standing Orders and the like....

    He signed...

    Got home and emailed the CO with a formal complaint about smoking and wanted there to be a stop (the 1st Lt smokes).

    Talk about sour grapes..

    I know this cos i was a guest of His unit and stayed with the CO this weekend :)

    How we laughed.

  19. further to rincewinds last post myself and ocmcd were called out infront of the cadets for an interview without coffee and made to see the errors of our ways. actually scc regs only state we can not smoke in front of cadets and whilst in uniform not in public. so as i wrote a smoking policy we were in an off limits area from cadets and not inview of the public. the ocmcd was also in the interview with my member of staff as my witness and he decline the offer of having a member of staff to attend on hs behalf.

    mind you watch out bolton as he may be moving up there with his job.

  20. Priceless!!!

    Well if he does relocate then at least you will loose the problem!!!


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