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I am in the process of applying to be an aircrew officer, hopefully pilot, and I was wondering how long it roughly takes to be allocated a date for your FAT . I am currently in my last year of University and would like to avoid doing my FAT in the middle of my finals if possible. Any advice on when the best time to apply so I could be allocated an FAT sometime in June or July would be great?


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I sent all my applications forms off begginning of April, and got 21 August as my date, i don't think you can predict really, ask your ACLO if you can request for a certain date for FATs.
I'm not sure if you can.
Good luck
I'm only at the early stages of the process but so far it's moving quite fast. This time of year is apparently VERY quiet on the recruiting front for all forces.


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The advice is to get your application started as soon as possible to be honest. (AIB are actually busiest Feb to July apparently!)

It's worth remembering that AIB is valid for 12 months, FATs a lot longer- you can always defer your entry, but "You've got to be in it, to win it. Innit"

If you take FATs in June/July, AIB will not be until September most likely at the very earliest.

Good Luck :thumright:


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I was told if you take them and pass them once you won't ever need to take again..... that is probably not true though. I think someone on here said it actually? Not sure.


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natg said:
I was told if you take them and pass them once you won't ever need to take again.....
I think you are correct, as you either "have it" or you don't. Apparently re-sitting FATs is unlikely to alter the original outcome, or so I'm told.

Again if anyone knows different, I'm happy to stand in the "naughty corner".
Does this mean I am looking at several months from sending off the application forms to being given an FAT date. Could anyone give me a brief breakdown to their process of applying for aircrew, from sending off the forms to setting foot in BRNC?


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Okay...just done this so i'll try my best...

Sent my application forms off begginning of April and then in June i got a date of 21 August for FATs, went off and did those. If your succesful you are then forwarded to get a date for AIB. If your unsuccessful you have to re-evaluate you options and if it's the navy you want then i believe most people re apply for Warfare.

So for me i then had to wait about a month and then i was allocated 10th December as my AIB date. Thing is you can't really predict when you will get your date, my wait was 3 months, but someone on my board was given a date 3 weeks beforehand.

So then you go and do the AIB (check the AIB for more info, it's really good). If you are forwarded for selection (ie. Pass AIB) you then spend that afternoon at CAAMB medical board being poked and prodded. Then for Aircrew you have to stay one exra night and go for further eye examinations at a local opticion and go to HM HASLAR hospital for an ECG and any other things that need to be done. Then all the AIB passes are then basically put in a big pot full of all the passes, and every time there is a new intake at BRNC the people with the best combination of FAT's scores and AIB scores get sent a letter and probably a phone cal telling them of an offer, or perhaps a provisional offer depending on medical results like mine was.

You then get a joining pack about 1 month before your BRNC date full of LOADS of information and yet more forms to fill in. Send that off and then just wait...(that's the point i'm at at the moment as my start date for pilot is 25th Feb... :))

Hope that helps, any more questions then PM me.

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