Advice for anyone who gets sent a Financial Qu. by the DVA

As some of you are aware, many weeks ago I was stressing as I still hadn't received my Security Clearance by the DVA and I was getting in a flap as i'm due to go to Raleigh next month.

I can now say with some relief that I finally have it, this was confirmed by my AFCO at my recent Pre-Joining Brief. The joy I am feeling at this present time simply cannot be measured I still have my dream and I can now look forward to getting on that train on 25th November.

This has been an extremely stressful time for me and my advice is this, anyone who gets sent a Financial Questioonaire (FQ) by the DVA, firstly relax and take your time and go through it meticulously.

I felt that the form itself didn't paint an accurate enough picture of my situation so I rang the DVA to discuss this with them. They are very unbelievably helpful and was I actually able to speak to the person who was dealing with my application.

With the permission and approval of the DVA, I ended up typing a 2 page personal statement that I sent off with my application. Before doing this though, I obtained copies of my credit report from both Experian and Equifax, although the DVA only use one of the credit reference agency, both reports contain different info which may or may not be on the other.

Just be completely honest on the form and tell them absolutely everything. Although I have been very stupid in the past with my finances, I am now on the right track and I can now go to Raleigh knowing that everything is being managed properly.
Well done. Honesty is always the best policy and I am sure the guys at DVA were delighted to deal with some one who was keen to give them as accurate a picture as possible.
Well Done!

I was in the same boat as you my friend. I was due to leave within the month but yet had not gained clearance from the DVA due to my finances - 2 Credit Cards and 1 Loan; missed payments & late payments on both. Absolutely bricking it I was. But I finally passed two weeks ago :) Although i didn't get sent a FQ.

It is the best feeling in the world after you've been worried for so long!

Well now I have 4 days until I leave for HMS Raleigh. Excited? You bet I am!
I was in the same bost see earlier threads on the same subject. But yes bricking it was the term i used.. The key thing is do no lie, and get you credit report from experian and make sure what you enter on the FQ is the same to what's on your credit file..

Also If you have anything you can say to surport you SC use the Blank pages on the back to explain everthing !!!

Good luck

bluefox said:
Also If you have anything you can say to surport you SC use the Blank pages on the back to explain everthing !!!

Good luck

I'll second that, if you are unfortunate enough to get sent an FQ, they're a bit of a bitch to be honest however do use the sections at the back to write something in support of your application. I found that writing my 2 page statement out helped a great deal because I was able to put down exactly what my situation was, stuff that the figures and numbers could never explain by themselves.

Thanks for comments guys, I honestly can't describe how bad the last few months have been waiting for my SC to come through. The thought of everything I want being snatched from me made me want to make sure that the FQ got done properly.

Honesty every time. Lying to DVA will get one a terminal black mark. Crap financial management with honesty will go a long way. It's the liars and cheats with debt who are the security liabilities.
Re: Advice for anyone who gets sent a Financial Qu. by the D

hey there

hows things just seen your message on here and thought i would reply, i myself am leaving home to attend HMS Raleigh on the 25th November too, starting to get a bit scared now.
what you going in RN to do, Im going in for Warefare Specialist on the Subs.

message back it would be good to hear from people who are attending same time as me


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