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Discussion in 'Motoring' started by Guzzler, Jul 13, 2013.

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  1. Good evening fellow RRers.

    The time has come to purchase a new motor (as I understand is the modern vernacular) but this time I have specific requirements.

    It is no exaggeration to say that I am to cars what Norway Chris is to photography. Or truth.

    I have about 3.5K to spend and really do need a low fuel-consuming little chap as my main use is work which entails countless short trips around Plymouth. There will be the odd longish haul - Leicester and Hastings are planned before the end of the year, but usually Ivybridge is bandit country for me. I do a fair mileage (about 12K a year I suppose) and nothing too 'hairdresser' please, but the fuel consumption is pretty important. I don't need a speed machine - that will come when the mortgage is paid off.

    Me old mucker Ballistic is going to be advising, as is Guzzler Jr. though he has enough on his plate and is a zillion miles away, but any advice would be appreciated.

    Honda 'Jazz' and Skoda have been suggested so far - any comments on those?

    Ta all.
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  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    A red one. They're nice and fast. A fat bloke told me once.
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  3. No. Always had an issue with red cars. Surprisingly I suppose. They all used to be red and now they all seem to be silver.

    Blue or green would be nice.

    So, to recap. Blue or green low fuel consuming that can get me to Leicester and Hastings.

    And Ivybridge.

    Oh, and not diesel as the first time I top it up I'll forget and break the engine or whatever.

    Obviously not automatic *snort*.
  4. I 'liked' this as SWMBO didn't see anything wrong at all with your suggestion!!!!!
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  5. I've not owned one, but have rented several and also dozens of taxi drivers can't be wrong...... yes, the once humble Skoda, now basically a re-badged VW.

    Indeed I very almost bought one from a friend's daughter out here recently.

    Did you see the Top Gear special when they landed a helicopter on top of the Yeti?
  6. 'Re-badged VW' was the exact words used by an oppo last night. Might have a look at them.

    No, didn't see Top Gear - not my cup of tea, many thanks for pointer though.
  7. Nissan figaro. Although realistically fitting the brief look into what everyone else has suggested! Although VW are often cited as being good and reliable within the price bracket specified. Best car i had was a ford fiesta with a dual injection engine or whatever they call it, i found it really efficient fuel wise and when something did go wrong the parts were all readily available and that. Sometimes he didn't always like driving on the motorway for really long distances so depending exactly what you want really. You will also get judged heavily for driving a fiesta.
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  8. VW polo 1.4 diesel nippy good on fuel, Skoda just a re badged VW, Honda Jazz, Corsa 1.3 diesel, fiesta 1.4 or the 1.6 diesel if you can find one the 1.6 diesel is the same they put in the mini. Renault Megan/Clio 1.5 diesel slow but good on fuel of these and cheap tax 30 quid a year for the Clio maybe the same for the Megan 65 mpg urban up to you couple of ideas there for you !!!
  9. Get a Ford Focus, they're dull as **** but there is a very good reason why they sold over a million of them last year.

    We exclusively used Fords as factory runarounds at my last place of employment, each would do close to 50k miles a year with no snags.

    3.5 grand should get you a useable Mk2 with 50,000 ish on the clock.

    Cheap to run, cheap to fix (you shouldn't need to though) and big enough to be comfortable and fit some oppos/shopping in the back.
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  10. the 1.8 diesel has a dual mass fly wheel make sure this hasn't gone if you go for a diesel !!!
  11. As mentioned the Fadia is a Polo but the boot is about 6" longer, can easily throw all my work gear in it, the Polo had to be very carefully packed to get it all in.

    Had a Polo for 4 years a Fabia 1.4 diesel for 10 years still going strong and 2 VRSs one 2 years and one 6. Very happy with em.
  12. Many thanks all, 2DD seems to have hit the spot with the Focus, and Ballistic has concurred with that a couple of hours ago. I realise it's all a matter of taste, but I'm not a car bloke at all and just want something to get me around. Can exceed the 3.5K at a push, but index linked is still six months away and I don't want to throw away my rock 'n' roll lifestyle of Sainsbury's own Merlot, visits to Hastings and Leicester and cheap whores, so will probably stick roughly to that budget.

    Thanks again.
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  13. Thanks Chris. I'm afraid that was just a load of words and numbers thrown together for me though! ;)
  14. Ford Focus is definitely the way to go. There's a reason so many matelots have them.
  15. As long as you don't get a BMW of any description, gross.
  16. If the engine noisy from the left hand side where the gear box is don't buy it lol go for a test drive make sure you put the clutch in and out when driving along and if it don't make any noise it should be okay sorry that's the only way to describe it don't buy be 500 quid down after you repair it do it on any diesel because they might have one. Its like a rattly noise when its starting to go and could be okay when under load ( when you drive it) sorry I'm a mechanic I got qualifications to prove it lol No cars are fault less just don't want people to fall in the dual mass fly wheel trap because they can be 300 quid for just the part so not cheap.

    Sorry for the spelling mistakes !!!
  17. I wasn't mocking your spelling mate - just my technical stupidity!
  18. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    guzzler, if you want reliability look at Skoda, nissan or Toyota. If you want great fuel consumption look at toyota and Mercedes diesels. my brother has just done a 700+ mile trip on one tank. No apologies for grammar, tired and tipsy.
  19. But everyone who drives/owns one is a w-anchor
  20. Guzzler

    Now that you have had a few suggestions, you will probably find it helpful to look at the Honest John website. It's written by the journalist who does an excellent Motoring column in the Telegraph on a Saturday.

    If you click on the car make eg Ford, you then see a list of the various models Ford make with just a short resume in two or three lines. Be sure to click on the model name highlighted in blue eg Focus (2011-); doing that takes you to a much more detailed page about the car in question.

    I think that you will find it a useful website.

    Honest John
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