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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Renavon, Oct 12, 2011.

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  1. There were quite a lot of posts relating to this, but not quite what i needed. So if you wouldn't mind taking a minute to help me out with a few questions, that would be great.

    Basically, im currently 16 and living in the UK. I've been diving for about a year, and achieved Dive Leader in BSAC (The British equivalent to a PADI Divemaster i believe)

    I've known ive wanted a career in diving for a while, and i feel one of the only jobs around that im interested in without having 10 years of experience and countless expensive courses is the Mine Clearance Diver for the royal navy.

    I'm aware that you have to be 18 to start the course, so I'm trying to train whenever i can and hope i can keep it up for the full 2 years. But, i heard that the PEDA waiting time is around 30 months?

    Im looking to get going as soon as i can (But extra time to train wouldn't be the worst thing) So, my question is.... Is the PEDA really that big of a waiting time? And if so, would it be a good idea to go to my nearest recruitment office and arrange something for when im 18?

    Im not going to be signing any contracts at all until nearer the time, so if i could go down and arrange something for a few years would this even be possible without signing anything?

    Also, there were three exercises that continued to come up on my searches:

    Dips - Are these with your legs pointing down, or will they be resting on a bench and lowering your self down?

    Situps - Are these with your feet held down?

    Pullups - Are these with the back of your hand facing towards you, or your wrists facing towards you?

    Thanks, any other advice would be extremely useful.
  2. If I were you Id get the ball rolling ASAP. Bear in mind that youvve got to pass your psychometric test, eye test, medical, PJFT, interview and also pass a PEDA before you get on the waiting list. By the time youe passed everything and got on the waiting list youll probably be 17. You need to be able to do press ups, pull ups and dips for the PEDA as well as running and swimming lots. I know that the dips are on parallel bars, i.e. supporting your full weight. No idea about the pull ups, I am training for both. I think that the sit ups are with feet held down, but not sure. Im not a careers adviser but I am going through the process for MCD, no doubt someone like ninja stoker or supermario will be along shortly. They know far more than I do.
  3. Thanks for both of your replies. And yeh, i should probably get the ball rolling soonish. But, i dont want to be signing a contract forcing me to go into that career in 2 years time, so i wonder if ill have to sign any paperwork before i can be put on a waiting list... Only one way to find out ^^

    And yeh, although this isn't the same Ive dived abroad and in the UK. And even with the poor visibility, and coldness i prefer the UK. I like getting all the gear on and setting off and getting stuck in. It's why im currently looking around for an Ice diving course, as that's the kind of diving im into.

    Thanks again for the information
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  4. You are not obligated to join until you get your date for HMS Raleigh.
  5. Fantastic, exactly what i wanted to hear :) Thanks
  6. Just crack on mate, i believe you can do as little or as much as you like when applying, the only thing you sign if i remember correctly is a form at the formal interview stage, and that is stating you have been told and you understand the fact you will go where you are told if and when you become a fully fledged sailor.

    The application stage itself takes a few months maybe even longer.

    Good Luck.
  7. Dips are un assisted, get someone to make a fist next to the bar and from full arm lock that's how far to come down. Pull ups are as said but make sure its full arm lock when coming down and then all the way up until your chin is above the bar, else it won't be counted.
  8. SJRM Was that a sarcastic "professional" divers under tone I detected there. Be honest though never had my fetts felt!!! ;-)
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Have you considered Marine Underwater Knife Fighting? There is a Facebook group for these SF-trained enthusiasts, who could give you some inside information about what it entails...

    Facebook: Underwater Knife Fighting Course

    Good luck! :thumbup:
  10. To be honest if you are worried about fitness, then as ive been told before, your not fit enough.

    Ive come back from PEDA with a pass a few months back and joining up shortly, i would recomend fitness to be your lifestyle, for these next 2 years, improve your cv with runs, concentrate on own body weight dips, pull ups shuttle runs and circuits, your never too fit for PEDA whhat ever level your at you will be pushed but keep going, focus on what u want, put the effort in and you will pass.

    Its a long process, taken me about 2 1/2 years but its worth it,

    dips are on feet hanging and arms at 45 degree, sit ups assisted mile and a half should really be sub 9:30 for a good time at peda.

    Good luck mate!
  11. Yeh, I've got 2 years and I've been looking at a lot of peoples work out regimes so once i'm at the right standard in a month ill be following those. I'll be going to the recruitment office in just over a week to get the ball rolling, they sent me a information pack aswell which was useless, i found all of that information on the site. It had about an 1/8 of a page designated to divers anyway....

    The dips and the situps i can do over the required limit with no problems, but the upper body strength and fitness ill be concentrating on a bit more for now

    Thanks for the advice :)

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