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Advice and Help from a Brown Job

Brown Job

To the Navy Community:
My Brother in law David MacGregor served on HMS Swiftsure from the late 70's and most of the 80's, whilst I was running around doing Brown job things but when we were both together on leave we always had a run ashore and we would swap our stories over a pint or 3.

Sadly David passed away yesterday and as the only member of our family that has served in the Forces I have asked if I could provide the eulogy.

I would love to give him a fitting farewell tribute and was hoping that someone within the community could direct me to a suitable site that has a selection of farewell poems or verses that would suit a submariner or provide some examples.

Grateful for any help.

Newbie Brown Job


War Hero
Brown Job, sorry for your loss. He may have been on Swiftsure with me, but I have trouble remembering my own name! However, I have cut and pasted your original post onto the Swiftsure FB page. Anything I get back I'll post here.

Brown Job

Hi Sonar-Bender many thanks I really appreciate your help. Dave was Sonar too, I believe one of his skippers was Tim Lemarchant who I played squash with whilst stationed in Gibraltar. Thanks again


War Hero
Brown Job - this just in. I have asked the poster for any other information or dits he may have. I'm guessing his onboard nickname was Dredger!

RIP Dredger, one of the true characters in the submarine service. Resurgam.

Edited to add the latest:

He was an AB Sonar and very good at his job. In harbour he was Scratcher's Party and loved working on the casing in the fresh air. He certainly enjoyed his beer and was a great run ashore oppo. A good friend of his was Paddy Murrells. A Scouser and very proud of his home town Liverpool. A very respected guy onboard by everyone.
Last edited:

Brown Job

Yes it was. That's an incredible response, right up to his death he never stopped talking about his time on the boats.
Thank you again.

Brown Job

Just had a quick gander at Swiftsure Facebook page. They are right Dave left the Swiftsure about 79'ish.
Sorry about mix up with dates.
Could someone please paste this on Swiftsure Facebook page.
Many thanks
Brown job
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