Adverts for the Royal Navy


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That does sound shit tbh, however I know it is incredibly unlikely I still worry that I would drown
You can drown in 2 inches/5cm of water........ like in the bottom of a foxhole on Salisbury Plain.

The two reasons I joined:

1) My father’s family were all navy, both Royal and Merchant;
2) I preferred to go to war in a nice warm ship with 2 snorkers for breakfast.

No other reasons necessary, especially when it’s f’ing cold, I’m waiting for a bus and look likely to become a Yeti before it arrives!

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The two reasons I joined:

................I preferred to go to war in a nice warm ship with 2 snorkers for breakfast.

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Jim Davidson had another good reason. He said if he had been intending to join the Services, he would have chosen the Navy.
Because when the captain said "Charge!" he had to go with you.


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Did me no harm spending 3 years on the lower deck before commissioning, but I was a reservist and that was the only route then (40+ years ago and seems almost like yesterday) :eek:



Don't base your essay on the belief that any applicant can apply for any job in the Royal Navy up to the age of 55, because that isn't true at all.

I think that you should draw up a list of the various jobs offered by the RN - divide it up into branches eg Warfare, Medical, Logistics etc - and write on your chart what the maximum age is for applicants; you will then get an overview of the age requirements.

My personal view is that, as a young person who is still at school, your essay will be better if you write from the perspective of a young person and discuss in your essay how the advertising seeks to attract people of your own age and perhaps why it would be trying to do this. A deeper analysis of how recruiting to the Armed Forces is done or could be done is really something more suited to something like Post-Graduate study - it's not something you need to do at your age. It's better for you to focus on a specific area of recruitment and write well about that than to adopt some broad brush approach and find that you are writing randomly and incoherently about everything which occurs to you and causing your essay to lose its structure.

When you watch the adverts, have a notepad and list the different shots which make it up and then write a paragraph for yourself about why a particular shot might appeal to a young person.

I don't know how long your essay is meant to be, but you need to structure it properly. At your level, you will need an introduction and a conclusion and then a series of paragraphs which link those two, hopefully showing some logical progression in your thoughts. In your conclusion, you can round up what you have stated about why and how the RN advertises to young people and then say what your own opinion is about the ad campaign, adding whether you think that it will attract your peer group and explaining why.

Ninja admitted to being a paid recruiter and unpaid wet nurse.
Are you in the same boat?