Can the team tell me why, if certain phrases and terminology are used when posting, they
are automatically converted into links to various websites? Am I an unwitting participant in
some form of free (intrusive) advertising? I noticed this in my last garbage which had a
reference to Sony. (It turned into a link).

Answers please.

Ta very much.



War Hero
It's to do with the method that the site owners are using to fund the site. This advertising helps keep the site free to use. Just ignore it, not that it will go away.


If you would prefer to pay a fee to use to site then I'm sure the Bosses will remove the advertising.

Nothing's free, I'm afraid.
Nor me but I think that the point being made by angrydoc is quite clear.

The site must be paid for. We don't pay to use the site, advertising covers that.

Hence 'Nothing's free...'.


Lantern Swinger
I don't mind the adverts to be quite honest. 'Cheap Hotel in Phnom Penh' and 'Macau Girl Likes You'. The funny thing is that I get this on other sites as well and as Finks says; I've have also never paid for the use of this site.

Having said that I tried to donate once, as I have tried to donate to one or two of the charitable threads but I have found the process un-workable; probably due to my location, I know, spammers etc.
I like the Muslim girls looking for love ad; there are some right corkers on it I would thoroughly recommend a shufti.

BOOTWU, of course the outrage bus is free in the land of oatcakes and whisky, if you are old enough to have bus pass that is.
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