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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by TheRoy, May 15, 2008.

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  1. I was thinking about the lack of submariner applicants and came to the conclusion the service is just not advertised enough. Never really see much about it except that naff advert...why not show it more in depth i.e promotion, pay, parades, families days, comradeship, the PRIDE and also life NOT on duty/ops? Most civvies are clueless about forces life as it is and think its 24 hours a day 365 days a year work, and are not aware of the 'playing hard' side of things. Seems silly because if more people knew what life (in all forces i suppose) was like and the benefits/life experience that could be gained from being in there would be a queue right up the road from AFCO! You would think a life of adventure would be a dream for most young people instead of standing on street corners wasting away, or doing the same, badly paid job day in day out. Strange. Todays youth maybe?
  2. i watched the RN Two Six video yesterday on RNcom and there was a little bit about submarine recruitment on there . hang on ill find it and post link ....
  3. RN Two Six

    Its the March 2008 video :thumright:
  4. Yep got it. Just unfortunate though because you d have have to know it was there. Useful site though.
  5. yeah i see what you mean, they need more people to join as submariners but dont really advertise for it.
  6. lol yeah seen that it cracks me up!
  7. Why didn't you say! :razz: Place adverts in Gay Times and the RN will be inundated! ;) I have this odd feeling that this would not be wholly desirable! :lol:
  8. I thought about it and erm...NO!
  9. As it's the Land of Equal Opportunities:-


    (I can hear the stampede towards the nearest Recruiting Office from here)
  10. :pukel: lol the land opportunity no longer exists for The Roy...I am now a look after your own, white, heterosexual-ist. Its an exclusive club for normal humans.
    Imagine being as ripped as that guy on cover pmsl youd be scared to eat a burger.
  11. ...and a very successful ad, apparently.
  12. Guessing you dont go on Bebo.
    They have loads of stupid Sub's recruitment pages on there.
  13. yea they have actual submariners profiles who answer questions
  14. You were saying? Gay sailor
  15. why do they need to make a song and dance about their sexuality.why dont they get on with it like normal people.
  16. And that's just the heterosexuals! :dwarf:
  17. Because singing and dancing is the language of lurve!
  18. Pmsl I think weve digressed...glad to see the tradition of taking feck all seriously being fully enforced lol. Cant beat it! (civvies take note)

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