Advertising for Organ donors.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. Some on the site believe that the government are attacking the lack of available human organs pro0blem in a manner they dislike.
    The belief is that people need more information and advertising will solve the supply problem.
    So RRs own advertising campaign starts here!

    Some suggestions more wanted:

    1. Attention All Chav's
    May we request that you take advantage of today's special offer. A crate of white lightening cider for signing a spare parts form. We know you may have difficulty signing your name so will provide you with your very own John Bull printing kit and assist you in setting the type.

    2. Absent Fathers
    Are you sick of the girls chasing you for maintenance payments?
    Sign in at the hospital and have your balls painlessly removed.
    Not only will they be donated to a worthwhile cause but just think of the suprise your mate gets when next time someone kicks you in the nuts you feel no pain.

    3. Joy Riders and Twokers.
    Sign the organ donation form. When you crash that stolen car the medics will try to remove your body from the vehicle as carefully as possible in an effort to preserve your organs.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Talking of balls, obviously some would have problems with the finer points involved in donation

  3. Nice way to take the utter piss out of a serious subject there Slim.

    Try watching THIS and finding it funny.
    This is the sort of advertising I meant.
    Its on frigging YOUTUBE when it should be on prime time TV.
  4. Lammers
    This is DLs FFS.
    The reason I didn't put in current affairs.
    Even if it were on prime time TV the number of donors would not increase sufficiently to meet demand.
    So don't knock opting OUT rather than opting In.
    Rant over
    And yes everything can funny even organ donation.
    There is even a song about it.

    Transplant Calypso

    The other day I was feeling ill
    I went to the doctor to get some pill
    he looked at me in despair, said my friend you're badly in need of repair
    now with this up-to date surgery
    we get our spare parts from the menagerie
    so if you'll kindly sit down a while I'll just telephone for a crocodile

    I got the heart of an ape
    the liver of a chicken
    the blood of an ox
    through a tube which they stick in
    to me spleen
    which I borrowed from a cow
    I was human once
    but I'm not sure now.

    Walking down the street
    me girlfriend I happen to meet
    me heart went bom-diddy-bom
    just like the ape that I got it from
    me ox blood boiled, I started to moo
    I was pawing at the ground,
    what else could I do?
    and when at last she walked on by
    I said cockadoodle-doo and started to fly

    Help me!
    I got the heart of an ape...

    Going out one night
    me and a feller got into a fight
    I hit him with a left then I hit him with a right
    but somehow I just couldn't finish the fight
    no matter what I did he kept coming at me
    he was the stubbornest man I ever did see
    it was in vain, I find out last
    this feller's got the jawbone of an ass

    and me
    I got the heart of an ape...

    Well in the end I was getting fed up
    I said to this doctor, look man, I’ve had enough
    All this animal junk won’t do
    Get me some organ that doesn’t come out of the zoo
    He said, what about this for size?
    I tell you, I could hardly believe me eyes
    I looked at this thing with dismay & suspicion
    It was the brain of a politician.

    I’d rather have
    The heart of an ape...

    So get off your high horse and stop the holier than thou attitude.
  5. I'm not on a high horse, just pissed off that you find it so fucking funny.
    I'm only going to say this once more, there is nothing wrong with the current way of becoming an organ donor that advertising and education wouldn't improve. Like showing that advert and others like it on prime time TV. Put it in the middle of big bruvva or I'm no longer a celebrity, anything that gets the most viewers, even BBC. That WOULD increase donor card holders.
  6. Lamri
    You are entitled to your opinion, as are the rest of us.

    Unfotunately though you seem to think anyone holding a differing point of view to your own is stupid and ignorant.

    Seems there are a lot stupid ignorant people on RR
  7. Utter Bollocks Slim.
    I'm not the one that keeps saying what WOULD happen without backing it up with FACT.

    On that note I couldn't agree more.
  8. Calling all Matelots

    Now is that special time to think about your shipmates and loved ones. There you are in the middle of the oggin when a wire hawser lops off your hat stand (head) in an accident.

    [align=center]DON'T LETS THE REMAINS GO TO WASTE !
    Donate your Bits 'n' Bobs to others.
    Father Famine always needs donations
    in the gash can so he can feed all those hungry sailors
    (not to mention seagulls)

    There.... just for you Lammers! :thumright: :dwarf:
  9. fcuk off Steve I don't find it funny.
  10. This, however, I find funny:

  11. Those who watch these programs couldn't tell the difference between a donor card and a dona kebab. :w00t:
  12. Does it matter how you get people to donate, if having a laugh gets just one donor and you get a full set of bits and pieces mission accomplished.
    By the way getting an MPs brain can't be bad, it would be unused.

    I came on this earth with nothing I'm doing well I still have it, if I can find it.
  13. Why discard the filling in your head for hot air? :confused:

    Oooooo. Actually it was in rather poor taste. After all if the Saudis read this.....
  14. Problem is it may be unused because it unusable.
  15. Devils Advocate


    Have you got any Kids?

    If you have then imagine this...

    One of them needs a transplant (Say Heart/lungs or liver)

    Oviously you or Mrs Lamri cant donate

    In the meantime there could be several organs at any one time that would be suitable but under the current law could not be used.

    If you can still provide the same answer as above then more power to your elbow.

    I'm going to have to go through a similar situation with Mrs Katweezil in the near future so I think you can guess my own opinions on this.
  16. Oh and BTW both me and Mrs K can still laugh

    Q - what has four legs, sits at the end of the bed and takes the piss out of you?

    A - A kidney Dialysis Machine!

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