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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by NZ_Bootneck, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. I've found that the banner ads (RVOps etc) have crept ovet to cover my account details (under Avatar phot).
    Is it just me or is it a site prob?

    PS Use the 'My Account' link on the 'tool bar' beneath the Site banner, to access your account details if need be. :thumright:
  2. Try refreshing the page - Ctrl F5
  3. Yes, same problem- not the best place to put advertising if you actually want people to be able to log in. F5 makes no difference, the default for the new banner is right over the login. Obviously you can still get in- but only by replying to a thread.
  4. Yes mines been like that for quiet a while ( not as long as my mail box being faulty but thats another story) and ctrl and f5 doesn't solve the problem ether
  5. I have found that if you reduce the size of the page by clicking the reduce,expand button top left next to the red close button the banner moves up slightly and you can log in.

    My problem is when I try to log out it tells me I have successfully logged out then returns me to a RR page only to find I am still logged in. This now happens on both my PC's I am permanently logged into RR.

  6. Same problem. This has been going on for several days now.

    Had to log in by replying to a thread. This can't be right.

    I know the site needs sponsorship to survive and thrive, but you've got to be a bleeding computer wizard just to have a "Butcher's Hook" & say a word or two.

    Site Chiefs please sort this out soon.


    S.B. :tp:
  7. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    A problem shared and all that, I have exactly the same "issues"

    The advertisning banner is driving me bloody nuts though!
  8. Hmm, I have the same thing BUT I automatically log on to the site when I click on it anyway, so it really isn't an issue to me :)

    Ooh, is that taxi for me?
  9. It masks the log in area as I found our trying to log back in today and unlike amny of these banners it will neither be moved or shut down, bl**dy annoying and not a good advert for the site.
  10. bl....y annoying, but...... you can log in if you click into your username (just visible on my pc under the banner,) and then 'tab', it will take you to the password box automatically where you can then type that in, then 'hit' enter on your keyboard .... hey presto you're in!!!
  11. Its annoying and a bit like our 'Norman' and will not go away.

    CAN WE PLEASE GET RID OF IT. - Pretty Please.
  12. Should be fixed now?
  13. It is, thanx boss.
  14. Cheers Bwana.

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