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In a word, yes. What you get paid, if anything whilst on the course is dependant on your unit. I know people who've done ML course and others who've been on hot and sunny sailing expeds and pretty much everything in between.


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Our RTC used to class Bisley as AT. Not sure if they should have done though. Always seemed a bit fishy to me. Thats why i only ever did it once.

We also used to go to Snowdon for the weekend - which was nice.

A PO at our place has just used his 2 days climbing in Scotland. i think it was with the RN mountaineering club.

I know guys who've gone to the RN ski championships and sailing on the tri service yachts.

It can be tri service but it can also be organised by your unit.


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Hello. I must admit I've always been one to kick the arse out of Adventurous Training. Have been skiiing, sailing, and have been on a Mountain Leaders course. The sailing courses and expeditions is organised by the Joint Services Adventurous Sailing Training Centre in Gosport. Go to for a list of what's available. Be aware though that you have to get any applications signed off by someone at your Unit. Getting them to do that is another matter altogether! The skiing championships are usually run around January time (tried it in August one year, but found the off-piste UNBELIEVABLY difficult!). I'm sure there's a web site run by the RN Ski Team that can give you the details.
Regarding the ML course, you have to persuade your unit that you are worth getting you qualified. The best way to get your ML qualification is to join the RNR Leadership and Management Team, who operate out of Talybont in Wales. You have to be seconded to them for 2yrs at a time, and are classed as being "out of branch" for that time. PM me if you want some details of who to contact regarding this.
There is also some adventurous training run in southern germany. I saw a poster for it when I was last in the gym at Nelson. I think it's called Bavarian Challenge or something. Try googling it and see what comes up.
Bear in mind though that you are usually only entitled to around 2.5 Adventurous Training (paid) days per year - although this seems to depend on which unit you're with. Any training done over and above this will have to be taken as unpaid. Having said that, I paid around £300 to go sailing in Croatia for 2 weeks, with all food thrown in. You'd pay way more than that if you did it through a holiday company, so I wasn't that bothered about how much I got paid.
Hope this helps.


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JSP 419 gives details of all AT courses available.
There should be DIN's, issued annually, that give dates for courses.

I would encourage everyone in the RNR to take advantage of the excellent AT opportunities available. Even if you can only claim 2 days pay per year for AT, the actual cost for e.g. a 5 day course is tiny compared to doing the equivalent/same course via a civvy company.
Why do people keep pedaling this mythical 2.5 day limit on AT pay?

You can only use 2.5 days of AT to count towards your Bounty qualification. However COs can grant up to 5 days pay for AT each year. Any more than that requires CMR approval. Relevant section of BR60A:

"0616. Adventurous Training (AT).

1. The amount of AT conducted by any individual is at the discretion of the RNR Unit Commanding Officer who will decide whether such training should be paid or unpaid. However, a maximum of 2.5 days AT per annum may be allowed to accrue for Bounty qualification purposes. Paid AT in excess of 5 days per annum is subject to the prior approval of DNRes {sic}."

I struggle to get on training weekends because of the shortage on "man training days".

I bet i've had four weekends in the last year binned because they are not "essential to my career path". Other reasons include them "not being on my PTP". Well sunshine, that might have something to do with the fact that it wasnt promulgated on any longcast, shortcast or any other bloody cast when i completed my PTP 12 months ago!

Not to mention the recruitment days which have been binned or slashed because COMARES wont pay for the days. I had two one week long recruitment activities all planned and manned and was told a week before they were due to start that i had to bin one and slash the manning on the other. People had booked time off work, childcare etc etc all to be f*cked about at the last minute.

Then when the CO tells you that you're bounty will be reduced by 20% if you have not undertaken any form of recruitment activity this year it kind of smarts a wee bit, know what i mean :thumright:


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Bloody Hell Trehorn 1/2, I can't believe that your CO has threated to cut your bounty by 20% if you don't do enough recruitment!!! Surely that's paramount to Blackmail?! Whilst you can encourage other people to join the RNR through word of mouth etc, surely it's not YOUR job to do recruitment work - it's HIS? I think that's bang out of order matey.


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I don't think CO's can cut the amount of bounty awarded in this way - its not in the BR and I think it is morally dodgy. Worth contacting MC to see if COMMARES towers can help?
To put my political hat on mate its EVERYONES job to recruit, and i do actually believe that, thats why i'm on the recruitment team.

However when you work your tail off for four weeks sorting out 2 stands for 5 days each with 4 people on each stand ensuring that everyone gets their minimum 1 day in only to be told that you must bin one stand and slash the other one to a maximum of 3 people with no NCO's or officers (they cost too much) then it takes the p*ss.

We also get 20% taken off our bounty if we do not attempt the RNFT in the bounty year.


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I can understand the fitness thing, because the need to be physically fit is becoming more of a requirement. Wouldn't look good on CNN if an RNR was captured by the taliban because he couldn't run away fast enough!I agree with your comments on recruitment, and I do think that everyone has a responsibility to be a mini-recruiter, but to force people to do it is another reason. I spent a day on a recruitment stand once, and I have to say it was one of the biggest waste of my time and pay ever. I've offered the "Media Officers" at my unit scores of dits and photos about my experiences in the RNR including sailing, mountain climbing, shooting, and travels to exotic locations, but they're just not interested. The recruitment stand I worked on was at a football stadium - completely the wrong target audience - The majority of the leaflets I handed out ended up in the bin, or thrown back in my face.
I must admit mate that recruiting can be difficult. People give you their details on the Saturday and by the Monday they're completley uninterested. We've had others who make out that they've been pressured into giving their details and others who act like your pestering them when you follow up their interest. Well you gave us your details mate, you were told that we would contact you about coming in to the unit etc.

I attend 90% of the recruitment events we do and i have never seen the slightest sign of any "pressure selling". If someone says they're not interested then they're left alone, simple as that! If you dont want contacting then don't give us your bloody details.

It would help if they mentioned us on the RN adverts though. We even asked if they would allow us to man the AFCO on one saturday a month with the TA and RAAF but that would mean someone from the AFCO having to work the weekend and that would never do! I'd be willing to put money on recruitment figures rising if the AFCO's opened their doors at a time when people could actually attend.


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Look chaps, this thread is supposed to be about AT. If you want to moan about/discuss recruiting then please got to/start another thread.
McHammock said:

Look chaps, this thread is supposed to be about AT. If you want to moan about/discuss recruiting then please got to/start another thread.
Sorry MC, my original post was more directed at the fact the some units are offered upt to 5 days AT with pay and i've been binned from genuine training (some of which i've offered to do FOC) becuase there's no money in the pot - and it just spiralled down hill from their.

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