adventurous training opportunities?

hey guys was just wondering how much opportunities there are to get involved in adventurous training in the royal navy? iv tried finding info on this but to no avail and as im not seriving yet (due to pass out of HMS Raleigh 11th september if all goes well) i thought i'd ask on here.
The opportunities are there to be taken, ships programme permitting. If you have a particular activity you want to do the onus is very much on you to get involved. Don't expect other people to fall over themselves to get you on AT, but if you speak to your sports officer/gym they should help.

The RN is under-represented on AT courses and the more people we can get on them the better.
Is it true that when on 'holiday' from your services in the RN that they offer you trips away for example skiing or scooba-diving? just something i heard! :?:

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