Adventure Training

Please could someone explain to me how the set up works? Does the time you take doing AT come out of your annual leave or is that on top of leave? How many chances a year do you get to do it and is it mainly free?
AT does not come out of your annual leave, despite what lots of people will tell you. It is the intention that you get at least 5 days a year, although that isn't to say you can't have more. I squeezed in 3 weeks AT in New Zealand a couple of years ago.Having said that, that was the last time I personally managed to to get anything more than a days mountain biking or climbing in at one go.Being spared is the difficulty, but then Bavarian Surprise runs pretty much all year round so the opportunities are there.Sometimes it is difficult to get away, but lots of people that'll tell you they never get any time for AT often haven't actually pushed it, or are willing to put any work in themselves.As for cost - depends on what you're doing. Bavaria should be pretty much cost free but don't expect to summit Everest without putting your hand in your pocket. 3 weeks in New Zealand all in - food, flights, hire cars, accom etc - cost me £600.

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