Adventure Training for Current RN/RM Candidates

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bigd, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. Hello all,

    I've just sent off my forms to be a warfare officer, and looking at doing some adventure training to support my application. I've found a couple of things that are open to individuals, but a lot of providers only take groups 'cos otherwise it isn't financially viable for them to run. So I thought I'd send this out - whether you are starting to apply, taking your RT, have an AIB date set, have a place at Dartmouth/Lympstone/Raleigh already - asking whether you wanna get a group together and do some sort of course in the near future.

    It would be a great way of demonstrating commitment/motivation, and of improving personal/teamwork/leadership skills, as well as being a good laugh. Just wanted to gauge interest at the moment to see if anyone actually replies 'cos this is my first post and I'm not sure how it all works!

    Dates/activities/prices/group size are all up in the air, but I was thinking September/October and something like rock-climbing/kayaking/mountaineering. If there are any interested people then obviously that can all get sorted between us.

    If you're interested then just post a reply and we''ll go from there, if not I'll do it on my own!
  2. if its a Kayak/canoe type thing give me a shout
  3. sounds promising!
  4. C20


    I'd certainly be interested depending on whether I can get time off from work, but sounds like a great idea!
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Welcome to the site.

    There are professionally organised courses available through the service & it's worth asking your ACLO if there are places available.

    The only thing worth cautioning for a self-organised venture is that there is the potential to tread into a minefield sown by Health & Safety Nazis, particularly if a voluntary venture is not correctly supervised/insured with qualified AT instructors in attendance - particularly if under 18s intend attending also.

    Best of luck.
  6. Minus the potential snags highlighted by Ninja i'm game!
  7. Ask your AFCO?
  8. I'd be up for it! I liketo exercise naked is that ok?
  9. yeh im in too it sounds good fun
  10. Thanks for your replies so far, as it was my first post I would have felt a bit of a knob with no replies! As far as insurance and organisation stuff goes, I agree that a professionally run course is the best bet cos you need loads of training, experience and qualifications to lead these kind of things. They're probably not cheap but there must be a range of things on offer and that can be resolved a bit further down the line.

    I'm gonna give it another few days to see if anymore takers come along, and then get back to you with a few options. Even though I started this in order to get a group together, I think it might make sense to do a course that you can technically all book individually, cos if for example we went on a course that caters for groups where there was a minimum number required and we had some drop outs we'd all be a bit fucked! Plus we don't wanna be messing around with things like all paying at the same time or giving one person all the money, or waiting forever for one person to decide and all that.

    Thanks for your enthusiasm guys (and maybe girls, its difficult to tell with some unsernames!).
  11. I'm leading a team of guys up into the mountainous areas of Arran for a couple of day's rambling and camping. No H&S, no fuss, just pure good old-fashioned adventure ;)
  12. Sounds like a good idea, ill throw my hat into the adventurous ring, however im not going anywhere near the ring of the adventurous, if it turns Brokeback im off........
  13. Just imagine a orgy of Brokeback mountaineers :?
  14. Insurance? Professional requirements? Some people have been brainwashed by the H&S people. If you are sensible and capable of doing it, get out there and do it. If you are experienced by all means get other people out doing it.

    You could use this for 3 different areas at the interview at AIB. Setting yourself a challenge, leadership, organisation. There is no point doing adventurous activity unless it's going to hit one of those areas, it won't come up at AIB otherwise. Of course if you still wanna do it just for enjoyment that's fine!

    Using a provider won't reflect as well on yourself at interview, but it still would be an organisational achievement to get people from across the country on a course.

    Organising a good hike in the mountains with some wild camping would be great for AIB. As long as you put in a bit of common sense about the route and gear there is little risk, half the country, their dog with pushchairs and granny make it up peaks like Snowdon nowadays.

    Inexperienced people are unlikely to have the gear to go climbing, and unlikely to be daft enough if they don't know what they are doing. Kayaking again unless you have the boats you are unlikely to get a trip together without using an activity provider.

    If you are doing something on Dartmoor before BRNC starts in September then I'm up for taking part.

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