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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Brummielad, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. Thought i would get a topic started on the advantages and disadvantages of a carear in the royal marines. Obviously im not entitled or wise enough to know many but was thinking some of the older lot or people currently going through the process could give their thoughts.


    Joining An Elite Fighting Force
    Gain experiances you would never have in civvie street.
    Get taught how to fend for yourself so to speak
    Chance to pass one of the hardest training in the world
    Meet a bunch of quality mates
    And of course ..... behead a chicken


    Low pay ( in my opinion Royal Marines should earn more especailly when you compare it to RAF wages)

    Thats as far as my knowledge stretches theres alot more advantages i can think of but i ll leave that for the rest to pop in.

  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer


    Free chunky watch


    No room in your Bergen for black dress/make up!

  3. Other advantages

    The Green Beret ( pretty obvious)
    Suck rabbits eyeballs for water :afro:

    Be the most fittest, interesting Guy at the party with the biggest watch. covertly grope women in night clubs

    Dress up as a "lady" and trap


    The Ability to Disgust everyone at the party, drink more than anyone else, the nice bird who liked you at the start thinks you are a foul mouth pervert.

    You are a foul mouthed pervert (her fat friend will take you home).

    Covertly grope women

    Start fights and then laugh and stand back & watch.

    Eat vomit and think its normal.

    Etc Etc
  5. :w00t:


    1. Naked mat wreslting with one or more of your mates
    2. Have the upper body strength of a Gibbon and be able to swing through the trees, then wrapped your dick around a branch and hang there while you sleep.
    3. Represent your country at the Olympics at Mud Running.
    4. Have use of your own private railway station near Exeter.
    5. Be able to walk on water and look with contempt at Pusser's grey war canoes.
    6. Go to first day sales at Liberty Shop Regent Street, W1 click on


    You can never be a SUBMARINER

  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The pay scales are exactly the same for all 3 Services.

    All people are paid on qualifications earned & experience. To that end a 16 year old with no qualifications or experience can start on over £770 per month net. Likewise a person 20 years older with no qualifications or experience will earn the same. This is probably why the older joiner will often join the Reserves as they cannot afford the pay-drop if they're established in the private sector.

    A graduate can start on over £28k, with no experience, so the answer is either join young or get a degree. If you feel other Services get paid more for doing less, then that could explain why people choose not to become part of an elite fighting force, but you will never become rich in the Armed Forces, that's for sure.


    Pensionable job (non-contributory pension)
    Guaranteed employment contract for 18 years or to 40, if you want it.
    Free gym membership
    Free medical/dental health care
    Word travel
    £13,013 starting pay (Other ranks) with the potential, if you get off your backside, to earn over £26,000 in 4 years. £28,216 starting pay (Graduate Officers)
    6 weeks paid leave per year
    Concessionary rail travel
    Cheap married quarter accommodation
    Free food & accommodation when deployed, or on a ship.
    Transferable skills & qualifications
    World class training to make you best prepared to serve in a hostile or a life-threatening environment.
    Free uniform clothing
    Disciplined lifestyle with defined strucure
    A well structured career structure with the ability to advance yourself through promotion.
    Assisted house purchase sceme.
    Annual pay increases
    Forces Discount Scheme- over 500 companies offer service people discount. From Holidays to hirecars to spectacles to solicitors.
    A life expectancy threat five times lower than working on a civilian UK building site.


    Disciplined lifestyle
    High likelihood of serving in a hostile or a life-threatening environment.
    The potential to be deployed at minimal notice, thus making it difficult to plan ahead with utter certainty.
  7. Trust Ninja to tell him the truth
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    D'oh, sorry, gone & dunnit again. "M8".
  9. Advantages

    Some of the best mates you can have.
    Some of the best places you can go.
    Some of the best runs/laughs you will ever have.
    You will almost never get asked to go on a Submarine..unless you are really really unlucky. :whew: :whew:


    Some of the worst places you can go.
    Family life can be pretty stressful.
  10. I know that most of the pay is basic. What i meant was you look at RAF wages in general and for e.g a PTI earns 25k a year which i imagine is higher than the army/navy. Money is not an issue for me although theres a few of my mates that have chose to try for the RAF due to money.

    One question lads, how does the 6 weeks off work. If you are deployed at any notice, how do you choose when you can have the time off to go on holiday for e.g. or does your officer say when you can or cant.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Again, pay is the same accross all 3 services and is based on rank & qualifications.

    RM PTIs get paid the same as RAF PTI's who in turn get paid the same as Army ones.

    You will get, very roughly 2 weeks at Xmas/Ramadan/Hanuka, 2 during the Northern hemishepical Summer and two aroundabout the first Sunday after a full moon after spring equinox. (Some people call it Easter, others don't).

    You must always book cancellation insurance when you book a holiday in case you have to cancel for operational reasons. Bear in mind that all leave periods are dependent on what your unit is doing, for example Chrimbo leave may occur in November if you deploy just before Christmas or January if you are deployed until just after Christmas.

    You get your leave, but not always exactly the dates you want.
  12. This is starting to sound like that scene from the Magnificent Seven, where Yul Brynner is taking to Robert Vaughn about being a gunfighter.
    "insults swallowed - none, enemies - none, wife -none, home -none, kids -none"!!!
  13. I thought mine was nearer the truth :rendeer:
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Me too.

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