Advanced Apprenticeship Scheme (ME)


Hi, Could anyone give me some advice regarding:

1. waiting time to commence HMS Raleigh part 1 training after completing Pre Royal Navy Course (PRNC).

How long is Professional training at HMS Sultan.

I have looked on RN main site but not much detail a blog/diary would be useful.

Many thanks.


Hello, this reply might be a bit late. I am joining on the same one as you. I don't think there is a waiting time it would likely depend on the intake dates which I heard was November last year and maybe September this year. The professional training lasts for 2 years at HMS Sultan.


Some of it is on the website, I went in for my interview earlier this week and spoke to them about it and they told me abit about intakes when I went in for the physcometric test. I asked if there was any waiting time in the interview because I knew there was for the diving one but engineering is very important to them.


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It would be less confusing if those that think they know didn't comment and left it up to those that actually know.
WannabeAdmiral I thought you were going for WannabeAB now?


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The confusion probably arises about the length of training and what the individual thinks is training. A bit like ME Artificers, who were technically in training until they became CPO's after about 7 years cumulative service.

I must admit it is confusing and the problem is that from an AFCO perspective we are only primarily concerned with Initial training and the first element of branch training. Professional training thereafter during an individual's career depends how long they serve and what rank/rate they attain.

They are currently called Accelerated Apprentices (they've ditched the "Advanced" bit). You join as a probationary Leading Hand.

For ME's:

Initial Naval Training (used to be called basic or phase one) is ten weeks.
Phase Two (branch training) is the same as ET(ME) - 5 to 6 months at HMS Sultan
Leading Rates Qualifying Course (HMS Collingwood) - 2 weeks

You then consolidate your training afloat by completing a task book, followed by returning to HMS Sultan to complete Leading Engineering Technician Qualifying Course. Two years later, if you perform to the required standard, you become a Petty Officer. Technically you are in training until a Petty Officer.

Intakes are currently Sept & Jan, but will fluctuate depending on branch AE/ME/WE and requirement.


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