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Advanced Appenticeship M.E


Currently i am at the medical stage of my initial joining process. I have been told i have to go for a second interview now. Does anyone happen to know what the second interview contains please. I am applying for an advanced apprenticeship in marine engineering.



War Hero
Just as a starter, you should know where your training will take place, how long it will take and what it will include. Give examples of the ships on which you are likely to serve - what type are they, name a couple. What will the main duties of your job be? How much will your salary be?

Get a copy of Navy News from W H Smith, so that you can get up to speed with current RN deployments.

A lot of the interview will actually be about you, your education, jobs, family, hobbies etc.

Do you work well in a team? Are you fit, trustworthy, motivated?

What motivated you to apply to join the Royal Navy? What appealed to you about the ME apprenticeship?

There you go.


Hi soleil. I have done that first initial interview after the Recruits test. That covered all the above that you have spoke about. However i had to delay my medical for three weeks. Spoke to my afco today to recommence the process, he then told me i had to attend a further interview specifically about engineering as the AA scheme is a big wage. The second interview is what i am in the grey about so trying to find more information out about it. Thanks for your reply though


It'll be more your knowledge on engineering, if you qualify for the engineering role you should have a bit of technical knowledge... Which they'll test you on and make sure you're up to scratch for the aib etc...
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