Adult Numeracy and Literacy

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by daffy1, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. Just wondering as i am getting ready to rejoin, i dont have my GCSEs and i really dont have the time to do them, does the armed forces accept Adult Numeracy and Literacy quals as they are equal to GCSE standard. Also has anyone done them and how long does it take. ?
  2. Why did you leave? FFS, what has happenened to the Navy that I have loved all of my life? Ninja Stoker tells us that they are leaving in droves, so why the fukc would you want to go back?

    You don`t sign on for long enough any more that`s the problem. But, what the fukc do I know?.
  3. Actually i was in the marines, did 8 years, and had enough of going to the Middle east every 18 months so i decided to leave, got my self a well paid job but did not enjoy it if you know what i mean, and cause i have been on both sides, i did not realise how much i miss it. So decided i wont mind getting a decent trade in the Navy (and yes this is common amonst marines to go to other forces)
  4. If you are going in as a rating you dont need qualifications to join, however you do need to pass a recruitment test, the more technical your branch of choice is the higher score you would need.
  5. I mean do they accept the above mentioned as oppose to GCSE as i am aiming for something that requires Maths and English
  6. May I ask what you are applying to do? It's just that there are a couple of RN Careers Advisors on this forum who will give you the latest advice, if they know what you are applying for.
  7. Hi Daffy,

    Firstly what job are you looking at joining? The majority of RN jobs do not require formal qualifications. I don't think that we do accept Adult numeracy and Literacy vice GCSE's. I will have a dig around and see for you.

    Have you already applied to re-join? If not it would be worth going in to the careers office so that they can get your previous service Doc's. These will be required to be able to process you for the RN.

    Hope this helps





    This is a list of the Alternatives that are accepted/not accepted by the RN:-

    0221. Alternatives to Grade C GCSE Mathematics and English

    * denotes - DO NOT ACCEPT

    MATHEMATICS SCE Ordinary Grade: A, B, C
    SCE Standard Grade: 1, 2, 3
    Irish Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level;
    A, B, C
    For Maths equivalence a candidate must
    present a full Mathematics level NII unit
    passed at a minimum of Merit level or a
    pass at the Higher level (indicated on
    certificates as NIII or H).
    GCSE/SCE pass in Statistics
    Relevant Open University Credits.

    * CSE Grade 1 in Applied Mathematics
    * SCE pass in Arithmetic
    * CSE Grade 1 in Arithmetic
    * Application Of Numbers' Key Skills
    * GCSE pass in Computer Studies

    A pass in a full unit of General and
    Communications studies at BTEC NC,
    ND, HNC or HND.
    Irish Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level;
    A, B, C
    SCE Ordinary Grade: A, B, C
    SCE Standard Grade: 1, 2, 3

    * Pass in CSE English and Business Communication
    * A compensatory award in SCE H grade English
    * 'Communications' Key Skills
  8. One of the reasons i asked was that when i was serving in the marines my NAMET/ LATERN score was ok i guess but not the best, so i was thinking of doing the above mentioned to get my namet score to 0,0.

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