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Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by chiefwiggum, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. I have been approached by my local SCC unit and asked to consider becoming an AI. I was a cadet at TS Steadfast many years ago and went on to serve in both the TA and RAF reserve. I have also coached a junior Rugby team so have worked with young people. I am interested but would be unable to commit to the annual camp. Would this be a problem?
    Any info on what could be expected in terms of training etc would be appreciated.
  2. Your local SCC unit would be very grateful for any time that you are able to give! That's the whole point of AI's in units, they do not have to commit themselve to the same requirements as "Uniformed Staff".

    You will still need to go through the CRB check and fill in a few forms to be recognised as an AI, but they are just the formalities. However be prepared to be persuaded to join as a "Uniformed Instructor"!! after all it's onlt two nights per week! **"And the rest" under breath**
  3. Your local SCC unit will give you all the info you require to decide if the SCC is for you or not - just ask for the glossy book about being an adult in the SCC.
  4. The commitment of a Civilian Instructor in the SCC is basically what they agree with the Unit CO.

    The commitment for Uniformed Instructors is min 50% attendance through the year at Unit Parade nights, most Units parade twice a week. There is a requirement to attend Sea Cadet Instructors Qualifying Course (SCIQ).

    Whether as a CI or in uniform the Cadets can only benefit from your experience
  5. I am a Trainee Instructor which means i want to go into uniform i done 7 months as this and just applied for my promotion to PPO.
    It is fnatastic thing to do. I love it and love watching the cadets learn and take pride in what they do.
  6. Go for it, I went back to my old unit TS Saumarez (not Bentalls Navy!!) after I left the RN and was working in London as a CI. Due to work patterns and the need to visit Gosport tpo see my daughter my attendance was sporadic but welcome by both staff and cadets.
    Most of the instructors were the same as when I was a cadet 24 years previously just alot older. The younger staff were cadets with me
  7. I'm a PPO awaiting the next free space on a SCIQ that's run over a weekend, although the booklet says you need to attend courses, 50% of all unit nights go on you sciq course within 2 years frankly the units that grateful for you help they will be very flexible over what you do and when

    as the advert says

    every little helps

  8. Be careful about joining as a CI. They are not held in great regard by the majority of 'Uniformed Staff', no matter what their background or competence is.

    Go for Uniformed Staff status. I wouldn't worry about not being able to make the 50% attendance. It's a rule honoured more in the breach.
  9. With all the muppets that strut around as officers & have no RN experience, I think this comment is a bit wide of the mark.
    It's not the case in our unit, district or area!

    Everyone at whatever rank/rate should be regarded on their own individual merrits.
    I've known some great CI's & some garbage ones too but, it wasn't being a CI that made them so, it was their attitude or ability.
  10. I am a PO SCC instructor but why Oh why do the Cadets make it so hard? I left the RN in 1999 as a Chief Petty Officer Gunner and am proud to have gained my drill qualification at Whale Island when it still had a Parade Ground. The Cadets initially offered me a post as a CI when I joined in 2005 after a bit of wrangling they relented and let me in as a PO with no branch. I do find it an insult that my 24 years before the mast seems to count for so very little.
    NB my ceremonial career covered the 303, SLR and SA80 as well as sword and cutlass.
  11. Jimmy that does sound pretty harsh! I would have thought that they would have been more than willing to carry over your rank and qualifications, earned from the Service!

    This is hardly the sort of thing that will attract many ex-Servicemen to share their experience with the cadets.

    SCC Politics.... it makes no sense!
  12. It certainly cooled my enthusiasm and I am now seriously thinking of binning the uniform and joining the committee. The rest of the Staff have zero naval experience and it shows.
  13. Is it that your C.O. is not xRN or does see you as a threat in years to come with a child coming through and taking his/her place when they retire
    or do the D.O. see the same thing. if he is from the same back ground or that the unit will beat the unit he wants to win the guard comp.
  14. Thanks for the compliment but at 49 I'm no kid - as an ex matelot I refuse to grow up though. My CO is about the same age and very recently promoted to Sub Lt and I have no probs there, but as a family man it's hard to committ to week ends or weeks away to do unneccesary courses. Not counting the loos in pay from my real job.
  15. What total b*****ks! You must have experience of a totally crap unit. TI's and CI's in my experience are held in just as high esteem as their uniformed colleagues by both staff and more importantly cadets!
  16. I know the thread is a bit old but I've recently started with the cadets as well and had the same experience. After 22 years came out as a CPOMEA in 2004. On applying to a unit the DO seemed to want to start me off as low as he could. I had no intention of becoming a PPO alongside the 18 year old who'd just come up from cadets. Dug my heels in and was taken on as a CPO. It even contradicts SCRs (Chap4) which says that exRN WO's and CPO's should automatically be considered for S/Lt. Who says experience counts! At least they seem to be relenting on the branch thing, I'm just having to provide copies of my docs.
  17. Seems unduly harsh and a bit like biting the hand that feeds them but, I suppose, some people just don't want any threat to their little fiefdom and that threat may come in the form of a fully (probably overqualified) ex-RN JR/SR who knows how everything should work. The joys of cadet politics! Hope you manage to persuade them to your point of view.

  18. As an ex Navy rank, you are entitled to where your trade badges without the SCC lettering. When I first rejoined after the Navy, I wore my uniform as it was when I left the Navy. In addition I had to place the Sea Cadet Corp flash on each shoulder.

    In this day and age, your unit should be thankful that they have a willing ex Navy to help them. They do not come thick and fast like they use to.

    Regards, Chris

  19. What about ex, or still serving, Army/RAF (who may have been long serving Sea/Marine cadets and possibly staff whilst waiting to join up) personnel, are they as happy to have them?
  20. Hi to all you ex/current serving senior rates.

    I am an ex-stoker (JR) and after going through the system, I now volunteer at a sea cadet unit as the unit 1st Lt (CPO).
    I am very familiar with the Sea Cadet Regs and can say without fear of contradiction that CPO's & WO can apply for officer RNR (indeed anybody can). You can also transfer your rate across as PO/CPO if you so wish. Furthermore, you can wear you current spec badge and some adqual badges. You can wear medals and you can wear your GCB. You can wear the Green Beret if you join the Marine Cadets. You will also have to attend a SCIQ course as mentioned earlier... but then it's only one week.

    All too often we find the powers that be are very protective of their empire and will use this power to stifle any potential competition. I've found that these people (majority of whom have no naval background) have a canny knack of remembering every rule written and prefer to display this knowledge rather than teach cadets. Indeed, it is this knowledge that gets them into this position.

    An example of SCC officers is my previous District Officer, a LT Cdr on a day trip out on HMS Blyth. He was sh1t scared of talking to a 'real' subby in case he talked navy, preferring to keep a safe distance..!

    I know that if you wish to volunteer that you will obviously want to attend your local unit - some are good - some are not so. Whatever their standing, they are 'at the front' and fighting the bureaucrats above. They all need RN guidance, though they won't always admit it, but above all they need the ethos and the feeling.

    If you attend a unit that needs to improve, I know that a good RN SR will do it..I did as CO (until I handed over recently) and as one CPO said; dig y'er heels in and get your entitled position.

    The rewards are phenomenal..!

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