Adult Advent/Bachelor Do/Hen Party/Pub Crawl Route.

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The Golden Mile in York (actually 1.96 miles) could be done in old opening times in one day as you could go home at 1515 for some shut eye and scran meeting up again at 1900 , and the there were 8 less pubs on the route then. You will never get lost as it is in a straight line give or take a few bendy bits , when you exit a pub just head west , do it over 1,2 or three days , you could even drink halves , maybe you have a bucket list to tick off. The route changes name 8 times along the way.
Entering the city from the east along Hull Road our first port of call is The Black Bull , also a Travelodge so you could base yourself here , also a Sizzler outlet so decent scran. Next is Beeswing , 3 guest wickets , now into Lawrence Street with... Tam O Shanter , pikey pub so watch your P's & Q's ( due for closure soon being swallowed up by student housing ) , Waggon and Horses , 3GW , Rose and Crown , 3 GW , Rook and Gaskell , you may want to have a couple in here as it is run by an ex Comm's Rating.....and it shows , 8 ever changing cask ales , 4 ciders , never heard of some of em , 3 lagers , Primator , Bernard and 1 guest , 3 keg ales , prices are £2-90 for cask , £3-50 for kegs , Bernard @ £2-95 , Primator @ £3-75. Bottled stuff from all over the world , 10 whisky , 3 Gin and 4 dark rum one of which is Pussers, comfy outside smoke hole and Paul and his family are welcoming. Over the road you enter the old city through the medieval walls through a 'Bar' as they are called , this one with it's original portcullis. Into Walmgate , notorius in the 19th century as every other building on this street was either a pub or Off beer license , take your own jug , they drank a helluva lot more then than we do today, Spread Eagle , 3GW , Walmgate Ale House , 2GW , The Waterfront , 2GW , slight left inclined to Red Lion , 2GW.
Into Fossgate , The Hop , 4GW , Blue Bell (original 1920's interior) , 3GW , Suttlers , mostly bottled stuff , The Terrace , sports bar with big screens every where you look so you will never miss your horse passing the winning post , 1GW. Walmgate and Fossgate have THE best restaurants in the city, the whole world is represented here apart from Oz and North America. Into Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma Gate then Colliergate , The Last Drop Inn , York Brewery Pub . Into High Ousegate with Guy Fawkes Inn , 3GW , York Arms (pink and fluffy in here) Sam Smiths pub so no GW, Three Legged Mare , another York Brewery pub , Hole in the Wall , 3 GW , Eagle and Child , new pub from Leeds Brewery not yet reviewed by our local press beer writer Gav Aitchison , canny Scot who knows his stuff , Lamb and Lion , 2GW , exit old part of city through Bootham 'Bar'. Into Bootham , White Horse , 3GW , Exibition , 3 GW........journeys end , Bootham Tavern 3GW. Most of this research done by Gav though I do visit Paul at The Rook on occasion for a couple of Barista Stouts
York is sleepy town compared to others in Yorkshire so you are quite safe as it throngs with tourists , having said that it has the premier race course in the north and is best avoided on race days as there are at least 10,000 extra punters roaming the streets , mostly across the river out side of this route but stay safe.
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Just to add , Paul at the Rook & Gaskell (name refers to the last two men hung in York , rustling sheep the story goes) rarely dits on about the mob so you are safe in that regard , pub is owned by Brass Castle from Nottingham and house beer is their Harvest Pale which has won a few awards , he has pretty much a free hand with the other ales he puts on. I did say that the cask ales are all priced at £2-90 , couple of weeks ago he had Beggars Littany which was £4-00 a pint.....double IPA 9% proof and only sold in half measures !.
Only went in the first time to celebrate the fact I had been given the all clear bladder infection wise , now once a week for small afternoon sesh :).


Lantern Swinger
A pint is fairly cheap up there then! I paid £7 for a pint of strong ale the other day. Can't remember what it was but it was 9% vol.
A pint is fairly cheap up there then! I paid £7 for a pint of strong ale the other day. Can't remember what it was but it was 9% vol.
You were done Jamie , a pint of that strength should be no more than £4 , to add if the Rook was 100 yds further North he could add 50p to each drink as it would then be inside the city walls.
Sam Smiths best is only £2-20 in the city , but then it can be crap as it is difficult to the Landlords tell us.
Here is Paul's pub.


Lantern Swinger
The average round here is about £3.50 for a good pint of Betty Stoggs or a Doom Bar (unless I went to a wetherspoons). That £7 pint I had was what was left of a recent beer festival, apparently there weren't many wanting to try it!
But if I'm ever in the area, I'll keep the Rook and Gaskill in mind.
True, but I live in Falmouth and if the locals ain't buying, the students are lol.
Yep , cannot fault them , we have 2 Universitys in York and they put A LOT of money into the city coffers , now if we could just get them to pay us council tax for the 30 weeks of the year that they are here we could finish building the medieval city walls :D