adressing superiors

Now being just a nod and everything, damn near everybody is superior to me with the exception of maybe my boots.
Only problem is, i'm having trouble figuring out how to address people, and having thought it through... asking a member of the training team about this, it may be taken as a "dumb" question. and I figured this is an easier way to get an answer and not having to bang out however many press ups for said dumb question.

For Marines, i've gathered it's just Staff
L/Cpl - Corpral
Cpl - Corpral
Sgt - Sergeant
C/Sgt - Colours Sergeant
and every officer as Sir.
but I'm kinda confused with WO1s and WO2s.... what should they be called?

I've only met one WO2 so far, and thankfully didnt have to make a (ock outta myself talking to him, but still. any light that could be shed on this would be appreciated.


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Don't listen the last two, they're trying to get you in the sh1t. Doris is right for a female WO but with a male WO you should address him as ' No Neck '.
Only call him Sir if he twats you.


colours mate not staff . your not a percy could always call the wo2 "split arse jack" ..its traditional banter between nods and wo2's


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Cold and wet, you shouldn't be yaking with proper marines anyways, at least not till you've got the hat!! although drivers always used to dish the fags at the end of exercises

If you called a marine at lympsvitz staff he'd probably say steady on mate

I remember bimbling round CTC after being made up to the heady heights of L/Cpl and being both chuffed and embarrased when a nod called me Corporal, strange

Biffa if you read it correctly, cold and wet is talking about addressing a standard bootneck of no rank STAFF

Unless it has all changed recently

I'm sure some drill chimp will tell me otherwise



I remember years ago being on recruiting (RM's) and on tour of UK. We rolled up at an RAF for overnight accommodation. We were greeted at the guardroom by an RAF Flight Sergeant. One of our 'gash hands' (a lowly marine) said to him; "Excuse me Colours, can you tell me where we're kipping tonight please?"
Back came the bellowed and angry reply;
" Colours? Colours? Colours are things that hang from flagpoles!!!!

To which our 'gash hand'replied (sotto voce) ; " That can be arranged."



When I was a Nod all Trained Marines were called Trained Soldier.

On me Seniors I made the fatal error of stopping two Nods and saying to them; "Try marching in step lads, it helps" just outside the barbers shop.

A split second later the First Drill pinged me and let rip! He was just coming out of the Barbers when he heard my imortal words of wisdom!

"You! Yes you Number 26! COME HERE!!!...................... And just what the Hell was that all about then Cpl?" I got one hours Extra Drill at Light Infantry Pace.............Jolly that was fun! :roll:

After that I was heartless whenever I sussed out Nods not marching in step. Well I was convinced that the Frist Drill had me on some kind of Radar Moniter. And the Yellow card I was given sort off bucked me up a Tad.



yes gimp you are correctamundo..must beast myself for lack of situational awareness!!!
as a nod who thought they were as hard as nails after passing the PRC only to find on "gruesome twosome" that the PRC was a bimble around a playing field


Like Artist as a nod we had to address a trained Marine as Trained Soldier and stand to attention when speaking, some used to treat us like s*it especially at Deal. At ITCRM it wasnt so bad but it was still Trained Soldier.
This was in the 60s.