ADR Dangerous Goods Course - All Classes and Tankers

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  1. Description
    The type of ADR licence you require will depend on what classes of dangerous substances you are moving and in what type of vehicle/container (packaged goods or tank/s).

    For example a petrol tanker driver will need the Core, Tanker and class 3 (flammable liquids) elements of ADR to carry out his/her duties.

    There are a total of 9 hazard classes including explosives (class 1), gasses (class 2), flammable liquids (class 3), flammable solids (class 4), oxidising substances (class 5), infectious substances (class 6), radioactive’s (class 7), corrosive substances (class 8), and miscellaneous substances (class 9).

    There are also 2 types of mode/container types:

    • Dangerous goods in tanks
    • Dangerous goods other than in tanks (packages, IBC’s etc.)

    Most LGV Drivers elect to acquire the packaged goods ADR licence. Course duration is 3.5 days (9am till 4.30-5pm) and is classroom based. The 3.5 days covers the core element (1.5 days), packaged goods element (0.5 day) and all classes of dangerous goods, except 1 and 7.

    A 3.5 day packaged goods course can also count as 21 hours towards the Driver CPC training, but not all ADR training centres are accreditted by JAUPT. All COTS’ ADR courses are also approved and accreditted by JAUPT and will therefore count towards the Driver CPC requirements.

    Most LGV class 1 drivers (C+E holders) tend to acquire the packaged goods and tanker ADR licence. Course duration for this is 5 days (9am till 4.30-5pm). The 5 days covers the core element (1.5 days), packaged goods element (1.5 days), tanker (1.5 days) and all classes of dangerous goods except 1 and 7.

    COT Solutions is one of the few companies in Wales that are approved to deliver both Class 7 Radioactive and Class 1 Explosives training.

    For more information on this course and detail on how to enrol please follow the link….

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