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Discussion in 'Charity' started by wompingwillow, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. adopt a soldier

    Despite the name we adopting any armed service member, have lots of people wanting to adopt but not many adoptees!

    Adopt a Soldier is a new site aimed at sending parcels to those in Iraq Afghanistan and other such places who do not have family and friends to do so over their time in theatre especially over periods such as Christmas

    To register your interest to Adopt a Soldier or to nominate a Soldier to receive a parcel please register at the forum below and then enter your details on the relevant board

    Adopt a Soldier provides unconditional and respectful support to military members and their families. We are NOT a dating service. If you are looking for such a relationship, please try somewhere else!
  2. Doh ! So no fat chicks calling themselves "bubbly with a good personality".
  3. I want to be adopted by an 18 year old Swedish blonde.
  4. A nice idea. Where I am the Americans get parcels every other week with cake, biscuits, magazines, etc in them. Most are addressed simply to "An American Serviceman" and it's a really big thing in the states. They do loads of other stuff for their guys and girls including big discounts or free entry to loads of theme parks, cinemas, clubs, etc, etc.

    Somehow I just can't see the British public every getting close to doing something similar. Most are either against what we're doing or embarrassed that we even exist.

    What went wrong?

  5. Damn, you got in before me Jimmy. In that case, I shall settle for the 20 year old Norwegian blonde. :lol: 8)

    A nice idea regarding the parcels, but as usual, I imagine the average British public will not go for it.
  6. I want to adopt a hairy stoker... any offers? :wink: :lol:
  7. I know one of those. Nice guy called Matthias. He owns a minibike.
  8. Hey Always, thought you could read fella! It states specifically on the site that it is NOT a dating agency. Unlucky mate. :D

  9. Yeah, I noticed that SF :( Still, it would be a nice feeling inside thinking about those hairy paws tearing open the parcel and devouring the 5kg of nutty inside. :D
  10. 5kg of Nutty? So basically you're trying to buy your way in? :roll: Hmmmm? Worth considering - I'll get back to you with appropriate details.

    Oh hang on, just realised that I am neither Hairy, nor Stoker - so I assume I don't qualify. Dam those regulations!

  11. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Hmmmm. Just wonder whatever happened to that young vivacious blonde Lieutenant RN, based at Deal a lifetime ago? :twisted:
    I did try to adopt her then... Wonder what she's like now..... :evil: :twisted:
    Sorry, must go for a run and a cold shower - or should that be a cold shower and then a run? :oops:

  13. I do recall during the falklands seeing (and getting some) bags and bags of porn sent by the "friendly wifes association of weymouth and portland"...
  14. That won't happen again... not after the activities of the PornoPadre!
  15. Not unless it is 15 year old choirboys dressed up for the ocassion 8O :lol:

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