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Adolf goes off on one.


War Hero
That was pretty bollocks really. He knew nothing at the beginning then ranted on about incidents he knew about throughout. One minute he didn't know about the pay difference, next moment he was banging on about examples of it. 'Stand-easy production' if ever I've seen one. Or fifth watch or whatever.

I've seen funnier Jim Davidson stuff to be honest.


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Link for Android.
Try going to YouTube and search topic "Why are submariners paid more than skimmers?"

Yours helpfully,



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A fair old while ago (pretty useless answer I know) - over ten years ago? Sure some of the dirty ones will know.


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I think I started working in Raleigh in 04 and the sweetener/carrot was just coming in then, maybe 03...I think.


War Hero
I think I started working in Raleigh in 04 and the sweetener/carrot was just coming in then, maybe 03...I think. you were not on the door of the Shoulder of Mutton some 2 months back.....those 2 guy's looked in their early 30's ?. :brushteeth:


Well that was funny, I don't think; which leads me to wonder which uninspired bunch of tubes put that shite together?


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I think I started working in Raleigh in 04 and the sweetener/carrot was just coming in then, maybe 03...I think.

I joined (as staff, not trainee brfore someone starts!) Raleigh in 03 and you were there then.

I've got a sneaking suspicion I know who did that Youtube dit, there's another one with Adolf being told he can't join boats, just as (un)funny.
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