Lantern Swinger
I need to get out more.

I collect Seamanship manuals and related publications (Naval Ratings Handbook etc.)

Does anyone know of any published before 1906, my earliest edition.

If you know of any for sale, I have my pocket money ready.
I'm after a copy of the 1937 Training Service Regulations for the RN - the only copy known to exist in the UK is in the National Maritime Museum. So far as I'm aware, there appear, rather surprisingly, to have been no editions after 1937!.... Explains a lot! o_O


Lantern Swinger
Didnt know they exist.

I am just a gold-plated anorak who collects Seamanship manuals and similar (Naval Ratings Handbooks, Navigation etc.) About 40+.

I have seamanship manuals from 1905 to the latest 3 in 1 biggy.

Very keen to acquire any pre 1900 manuals, or anything I havent got yet from later.

I also collect Observers Pocket Books (Observer's Book of Ships etc), and have 300+ of those.

Also have a 1957 Training Manual for the Sea Cadets, which is like a Naval Ratings Handbook but with all the instructorsa "how to" notes".

Must just go and hang my anorak up now.

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Nice collection Capt...I collect Jane's Fighting Ships. I have every one except 1906-7.

I also have a 1939 Seaman Manual and the 1972 CF Seaman Manual. The daughter still uses them.

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