Admiralty Fleet Orders.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, May 10, 2009.

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  1. Yes....been harking back to the heady days of those badly
    written "Erotic Novels" - known as *AFO's*, with someone
    at work - much longer in the tooth than myself.

    All in crap English - and there was one usually stuffed behind
    the trap somewhere in the heads and bathrooms of most

    An example:

    "Stup! Stup!", she cried in exeter
    "You are hurdling me!".
    She screamed out again in exeter as he frugged her
    on the soda. She stood up, and the spud he had just
    shot screamed downed her legs, over her kneecups
    to her uncles.

    The elderly amongst us must have recollections
    of these wonderous little paperback porn novels??
  2. First saw a well thumbed copy in Wah Hins ( just inside Sembawang dockyard gate ), funny as fook :)
  3. My eyes are diming but my mind is still a little functional..........Stod Stod., she indelably etched in my mind.

    As a point of fact when were AFO's replaced by DCI's?
  4. For me it's "Fuggded me fuggded she cridled as the hot sponge ran down her thiggies onto the sodda...."

    Almost good enough to let you pass the old ETLR or NAMET..... :D
  5. Stob Stob she creamed ,your hurping me your driving me inane.As he fugged her sincelass on the soda and the spug ran down her thigs.Pulitzer Prize !972 Last Tango in Totnes.
  6. Bit like the text etc. that today's yoff are using?
  7. On entering the Suez canal; "I wonder how many 'Gippo A.F.O.s there will be in the mess tonight?"" Why, how many are you going to buy?" circa 1955.
  8. Or even:

    Stob stob she crid, I'm a vermin and you'll give me a burberry and I ain't been fugged beef whore, as the spuge shot down her things.......

    I pissed myself laughing when I read this about memory lane....
  9. they were green paperbacks printed by olympia press. (but i have'nt read any )
  10. Some were even worth 'sippers'.... :D 8)
  11. Many a night spent in bunk with curtain tightly closed and bunk light on,tissues handy to catch the dead babies.

    Some cracking stories and litary prose!

    Also remember them as BR's and AI's :lol:
  12. A tribute to AFO’s

    Excerpt from an unpublished manuscript *MOIST* by Randy Harrdon

    Lance Steele stood, naked before the bed on which Davina was purring
    like a rat. She reached up and started to gently caress his socks-pack, before
    lowering her wandering hand to his enormous stiffending monghood. She
    wrapped her fingers round the mighty shift and started to rob it until a single
    tear of cement oozed from its tap.
    “Oh Davina!â€, moaned Lance.
    “I want you to sack my clock…..will you sack my clock?â€
    Davina did not stop her winking movements upon his slippery purple
    shift and Lance moaned even more.
    “Stop! Please stop……I’m crumbing! I’m crumbing!!â€
    Davina smiled and continued to wink him off.
    Lance let out a sigh of joy.
    “Oh God…..I am crumbing!â€
    Hot jets of crumbs erupted from his clock and splattered across Davinas Billy.
    She smiled again and said,
    “Now it is my turn….I desire you to open my lugs and put your tang in my
    veruca and lick my flip-flops until I can stand no more!â€
    Lance dived on to the bed and spread her lugs, darting downwards until his
    tang found her moist veruca.
    It was Davinas turn to moan in exminster.
    “When you have made my organism – I will then sack your clock until you
    crumb again…and then we shall do it annually, for I have never had annal,
    and you shall be the first to ram your clock into my rissoleâ€
    She wrapped her lugs around Lances head as he started to go to work on her
  13. jesse is right, they were known as Egyptian AFOs and rod-gearing seems to be mixing up BRs and QR&AI (and apostrophes are incorrect - he must have been a greengrocer!)
  14. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Never heard of them, never read them. (Oh! Oh! nose is growing longer!!!)
  15. Give it up Granny, you was reading Billy.N.M post and its not your nose thats growing longer. 8O
    The best one I ever read was called Little Donnies Mother.
    Fcukin ace. :oops: :oops: :oops: :D
  16. BR = Banned Reading

    AI= Admirality Instructions

    Dont know any Greeks and certainly never been a greengrocer.

    Done a couple of car boots though. :lol:
  17. For Billynomates: I cannot remember when I laughed as hard as I've just done reading you example of an AFO.....PMSL....absolutely brilliant mate. I've got to copy this one down and show it to my ex-stoker submariner mate in our village here. He'll love it as I did - still wiping the tears from my eyes....
  18. Cheers for that: Just to blow my own trombone, so to speak......
    there's a bit more light reading buried w-a-a-a-y back that may
    be of interest.

    P.S. Just found a new AFO Hardback book cover......

  19. Frugal me, frugal me she crid
    And he frugalled her on the soda
    And the spug ran down her thigs
    And she thought she was in Exeter

    Why has this always stayed in my mind?
  20. Wasn't it KR's ( or QI's ) and AI's?

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