Admirals killed in action

Discussion in 'History' started by seafarer1939, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. Noticed on the box re.the battle with the Japanese during Guadacanal with the USS.Enterprise.After the battle it stated 2 USA admirals had been killed.
    Just wondered when and who were the last RN Admirals to die in action.
    Know about Admiral Byng in the 1760's but he was shot for cowardice[unjustly I reckon] but any after that?just wondered.
  2. Nelson springs to mind 1805
  3. Must be loads over the years - Google away and you'll soon find out.
  4. Careful ! - you will get norman started, armchair warriors etc. etc. yawn yawn :thumright:
  5. Admiral Sir Tom Philips was killed when HMS's Prince of Wales and Repulse were sunk by Japanese aircraft off Malaya on 10 December 1941
  6. Vice Admiral Lancelot Holland flying his flag on HMS Hood.

  7. Rear Admiral Daniel Callaghan, Killed on USS San Francisco, and Rear Admiral Norman Scott, killed aboard USS Atlanta, 1st Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, November 13th 1942.
  8. Thought that it was for RN Admirals?
  9. admiral nelson
  10. rats i was beaten on nelson
  11. wet_blobby

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    Can we make suggestions?
  12. Rear Admiral Sir Christopher Craddock, Battle of Coronel, 1st November 1914.
  13. Funny I never gave Nelson a thought!guess I was thinking of big 16"/14" gun battles from WW1/WW2.
    I have a book re.Jutland somewhere I'll check that out and I couldn't remember if there was an Admiral on the Hood.
    I'm not casting aspersions on Admirals,far from it,I know they lead from the front on capital ships just could not think of any that spring automatically to mind after all the major sea battles we fought.Cheers.
  14. It's interesting that the then Vice Admiral " Tom Thumb" Philips --He was very short- Serving as the Vice Chief of the Naval Staff- crossed swords with the HMS Hood Board of Enquiry over the credibility of their findings. He suggested some things ( indeed many things) were not quite right.
    This was in June 1941. By December 1941 he was dead.
    No coincidence I'm sure, that he was drafted to command that suicidal mission
  15. Seaweed

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    1. Remember that when the PoW/Repulse op was set up it was supposed to be supported by Indomitable, but she ran aground in the West Indies and Phillips had to press on without her. That being said I believe he was known to be sceptical of air power against ships.

    2. Did not an Admiral Wells go down in Glorious? Somebody please put me right on that one.

    3. Vice-admiral Pridham Wippell had to swim for it at Sirte, but survived.
  16. Not sure if you're right on Admiral West--Think not
    The thought of V/A Montague Pridham Wippel swimming alongside the lower deck "scum" Mountbatten- Kelly -"The scum only rises to the top" beggars belief. His Warrant Officer (former PO (O) Steward )would have steered him clear of such rabble surely?
  17. Now who was that chap who went down on the Royal Oak?
  18. Wells was Vice Admiral (Air) at the time, but I think he was on ARK ROYAL at the time. Pridham-Wippel also went for a swim when BARHAM was sunk - seems to have been a bit of a Jonah.
  19. Rear Admiral sandy Woodward
  20. ??????? WTF

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