Admiral's headgear.

Discussion in 'History' started by dunkers, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. Good question.

    I don't reckon it's all that long ago that the most senior grunters (Flag Rank I suppose) may have worn them.

    I joined in '77 and am sure I've seen them 'live' on divisions, but a lot of cider's been drunk since then, and I used to hallucinate a lot on divisions anyhow.
  2. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    There is a 1922 (I think) photo of the then Lieutenant Mountbatten in one or other of the biographies wearing a similar lid and frock coat. I think he's on his way to his wedding. Maybe the cocked hat (?) was not only for Admirals.

    Looks better than a beret would!
  3. Too much tippex fumes eh?
  4. Absolutely! (re berets)

    According to wiki it's pre Second World War, but I'm still not convinced.

    I'm sure I've seen them worn, though I suppose it may have been some Ambassador or similar.

    Some of the really oldies must know surely?

    Edit - do one bam bam :evil:
  5. "Safeguard" I remember my old man telling me that him and his oppo were pissing themselves laughing when they they saw one their Officers wearing one of these funny hats.

    Must have been 1939 / 1940

    Guzzler: I'd rather do Pebbles :laughing8:
  6. After rounds then?

    I'm here all week.
  7. think I saw one of those hats being worn at QE2s trooping of the colour a fortnight ago,on Princess Anne I think!
  8. Ah, K*r*n E*****s. Boobs '87/'88.

    (It was the hair do).

    You probably did.

    I did, in that playground up Western Approach (amongst other places).

    Anyway, the hat...
  9. Are you sure it wasn't a nosebag? (upside down)
  10. Princess Anne is well-known for raiding the fancy dress cupboard for major state ceremonies.

    I'm quite convinced, too, that it's been worn since the Second World War, but haven't yet found a dated picture showing it. Maybe worn by senior flag officers at Winston Churchill's state funeral? Falklands victory parade, at a push? Or perhaps even Trafalgar 200, in 2005, might have been the most recent time when senior officers might have willingly looked that retarded.
  11. I've had look at stuff from Churchill's funeral and can't see any.

    Just discussed this with another RRer and he pointed out that Rex Hunt wore one in '82, but that goes back to my 'Ambassador' suggestion.

    Maybe we've got it wrong?
  12. In answer to your original question...

    ...maybe it's fallen out of favour but never actually been "abolished"

    I dunno... I'm just speculating

    Now, Betty Rubble .... mmm...oh,yes!!
  13. Ta.

    That chap in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' wore one the wrong way round as well if I remember correctly.

  14. Thank you Letcat.

    I thought it was more than likely an Army Thing
  15. The cocked hat (worn fore and aft) was derived from the bicorn/bicorne (usually worn athwartships).

    Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Mountbatten certainly had one on his casket in 1979 (link):

  16. I'm glad to see he didn't have a fcuking beret on his casket, at least.
  17. If you watched the introduction of Mr Speaker Bercow in the House of Lords you will have witnessed our Lord Chancellor formally greet the said Bercow dressed in his stunning ceremonial robes complete with black tricorn lid. His colleagues wore black cocked hats. You can watch the whole ceremony on the Parliamentary website.
  18. Dunkers, language please! ;) Junior Jenny D would be shocked if she knew her favourite bit of skin was using an un-Parliamentary brogue.... :lol:
  19. On the other hand most of us have a life.

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