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Admiral's barge HMS Queen Elizabeth circa 1918

Simple request please. Anyone have a photograph of the Admiral's barge for HMS Queen Elizabeth circa 1918, or does anyone know where I may find one. I have trawled the internet to no avail. This is for a research project I am putting together. Many thanks in anticipation.
It was green. ;-)

N Ough modeled QE in a diaorama with a sea, buoys and fishing smacks. He also had the barge sailing by. IIRC the IWM or NMM has photographed this model and it'll prob be online somewhere (try the nmm first).

Have you googled QE + Beatty + admirals barge?

I have got at least one image of his barge passing a battleship as that was the caption, "CinCs barge passing x". I'm on the wrong computer now, alas.
TeeCeeCee is quite correct. Vol II of my copy of the Seamanship Manual states:

Officers of flag rank usually have their flags painted on the bows of their barges instead of the boat's badge. Their barges can be distinguished by the colour of the hull - green for Commanders-in-Chief and dark blue for other Flag Admirals
Appologies for the laziness, if you return this is the model:

The barge is in one corner as the (1930s) c-in-c is going ashore.

Take it fwiw. It's another modeller who may have good sources or may be winging it?

P. S. If you search the internet you will find other views of this model. The barge is centre.


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