Admiral Sir Tony Radakin to be next Chief of the Defence Staff


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"It is understood that Vice-Admiral Sir Ben Key, who led the Afghanistan evacuation and is in charge of all overseas military operations, will be promoted to Admiral and replace Sir Tony as First Sea Lord." - DT 6 Sep 21
He was the skipper on Iron Duke 2000-2001 a great bloke and respected by all the ships company. We thought he was destined to go onto greater things.
Probably the best skipper I served with and he had a great taste in vintage port


I remember training Sir Tony many years ago when he was a Lt - and for that matter Sir Ben. Both great guys who will do the Navy well. I remember finishing one very early exercise with Sir Ben and walking into the staff de-brief afterwards where my opening comment was "I've just had the pleasure of the company of the future CINCFLEET for the past 3 hours", he was that good even then. So pleased that he got 1st as well.

Given the uncertain future that this country faces in the aftermath of Br**** and C****19, we need politically astute people in those roles to avoid both the Navy and the wider Armed Forces from bearing the brunt of the inevitable cuts that will come when the Treasury start to work out how we're going to pay back 18 months of furlough. In both officers, we certainly have that. My congratulations to both of them.

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