Admiral Sir Henry Leach


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Never, ever let it be forgotten that whilst Thatcher had green-lighted Not's plans to run down the mob (and practically everything else ... we'd be non-existant today if it had gone ahead) it was Leach who saved her sorry arse when the Falklands were in the shit. Hestletine's semi-gaffe the other week on QT revealled a lot of what we'd known for years, namely that successive governments had no interest in the Falklands of South Georgia and alignments between Galtieri and Thatcher with their people showing serious disgruntlement and needing a way out aren't too far from reality.

RIP Henry. Him and Johnny Fieldhouse were true matelots.

RIP. Condolences to all his family. A great officer and a proper gent.

I fondly recall sharing a cup of tea and Naafi biscuits with him in the catering office at RNC Greenwich


War Hero
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Someone just put yesterday's Indy through my door. Leach obit with photo of wrong admiral. (Checked Indy on the net but no pic). Unbelievably crass even for that rag.


"His advice was clear: the Falklands should be recaptured, “Because if we do not, or if we pussyfoot in our actions and do not achieve complete success, in another few months we shall be living in a different country whose word counts for little”."

Fantastically put.

May he rest in peace.

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