Admiral: 'Front line women are huge success'

As Rena used to sing in the Clachan Bar Helensburgh many moons ago:

I’m nobody’s child, i’m nobody’s child. i'm like a flower, just growing wild,
No mommy’s kisses and no daddy’s smiles. nobody wants me,
I’m nobody’s child.

Happy days; and for a forum that is supposed to crewed by salty sea dogs I am astounded on a daily basis. =)


War Hero
How about stopping the singing competition and getting back on track. I didn't serve when women went to sea, however I have been to sea on a ship which had female sailors recently. They all seemed to do their duties well. However would I have wanted mixed crews in my day. the answer is NO and it doesnt matter if they do have great tits and pretty faces. I may be old fashioned but I am allowed my point of view. just as old Fink (the missing link) is allowed his point. :thumright:


'A man has been shot four times and is bleeding to death. He will die within the hour if we don’t take off – and even though he is a Taliban fighter, the team decide to launch. Though these are military rescue flights, the MERT team are just as likely to be out saving a member of the Taliban as one of their own troops'......
from the MERT article.

I doubt that anyone receiving medical care gives a toss whether the medic attending them is male or female....these people are prepared to go to any lengths to save a life....what unbelievably bravery, sticking their necks out even for the enemy.

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