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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RonJeremy, Jun 24, 2009.

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  1. It would appear that my threads have been deleted by silverfox who has obviously had a sense of humour by pass. Therefore, if this is what the Forum has reduced itself to, where nobody is free from the blight of censorship, then I must away for sunnier climes. Just want to say before I go that I have enjoyed the repartee and interaction with many of you on here....cheers oppos. lots of love ...RJ
  2. Likewise mate. The site will be a lot worse without you with dits about "Ganges" and spot the submarine!!

  3. Fukking disgraceful.

    So it's Silver Fox that's got the personality bypass, is it ?

    Arsehole !!

    Stick your censorship up your puckered crimper, twat.

    See my post in site issues, wanker.
  4. RJ why not let everyone know which site you have moved to - then those that want to continue reading your posts will be able to.
  5. RJ why not let everyone know which site you have moved to - then those that want to continue reading your posts will be able to.
  6. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    LOL,,,,,you spitting the dummy out because a couple of members have developed "marywhitehouse syndrome" and a dislike to your certain brand of humour.

    I thought you where hardcore man!!!!!!! :angry7:
  7. Supplementary.

    What's up Silver Fox, didn't you like what the nasty men wrote ?

    So you are now deciding what the little boys, girls and others on this site may see and read ?

    What are you, some po-faced fukking Puritan ?

    Get a life, fascist knobhead.
  8. I'm sad to see RJ leaving because I found his posts most amusing. Yes, they were offensive, but deliberately so. If anybody could not see past the fact that it was fantastic 'bad taste' humour then they need a sense of humour transplant. Does anybody really believe that in real life RJ stretches the hoops of mongs or any of the other outlandish comments that he's made?

    On the other hand there is Nails, or whatever he's called himself this week. All his posts are concered with HIM, and were usually designed to initiate a wind up. They weren't well written, dotted with txt spk and generally tedious to say the least.

    There's a world of difference. RJ is funny (often cringingly so), whereas Nails is a knob and bores the sh1t out of people.
  9. Sorry to see RJ go. I always thought Lils was the one forum where anything could be posted (so long as it did not land the site in legal trouble). On that basis, broadcasting contrived sexual fantasies about mongs just to make people cringe or laugh, was a fine thing and to be encouraged.

    By what process are moderators appointed, anyway? It's a shame that some excellent posters, such as Higthepig and 4to8, have been driven away by moderators unable to tolerate material they couldn't quite stomach. That's what kills forums like these, and they end up being facile conduits for newbies to ask questions already answered 100 trillion times - and nothing else.
  10. Whatever. Shut the door on your way out d!ck head
  11. RJ sorry about that as I was enjoying our bit of banter.
    If you want to fight something don't you think it is better done from the inside? I had a lot of highly personal absuse from a MOD who finally showed his true colours, and pissed off anyway. Seems he couldn't take the slagging he gave out, not a very matelot like quality, but one we have all met from time to time.
    Best of luck in any case.
  12. Different people have different interpretations about what's acceptable, and to avoid any doubt about that it's worth cross referring to this thread

    Whilst everyone is queuing in this thread to blow RJ up before he stomps off in a tizzy it's worth reflecting that others are quite happy to see him go.

    He's not the first, he won't be the last, but one wonders if his alter ego will also walk away?
  13. Who is ron's alter ego? You can mask yoru IP address using a proxy server. theer are a few free ones about. But it's not really worth the bother and I personally can't be arsed to put that effort in.

    Anyway, a lot of my threads have been deleted too. Why has Rumration started being ran like Nazi Germany? My Grandfather fought a war so sh!t like this wouldn't happen.
  14. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Now that was funny!!!!!

    My mates a good guy blahblahspitdummyblahblahthissiteisshitI'mleaving.
  15. How are the windows then nails? Still well licked?
  16. RR's toppers with whinging benders.

    Arrse puts this site to shame
  17. With an avatar of Gary up the Glitter and location Thailand, it is no wonder you are a great lover of RJ.

    RJ, Who!

    Some say he was witty, however to continually post the stuff he did in the way it was worded, it makes you wonder if it was just for fun and he was making it up, that is what he actually wanted to do or maybe some of it was a bit close to home.
  18. Diamond Lills and the gash barge were supposed to be virtually untouchable.
    Anything goes, so what happened?
    I rarely read RJs posting but the few I did read were written in a way as to cause readers to bite. He was a master fisher of the PC brigade. :p
    seems that one MOD could.t take it though :twisted:
  19. Lol just read a load of ARRSE and I think I'm gonna have to defect over there.

    They seem to be on a level of talking about gush holes, rape and sunday afternoons!
  20. Like most I am sorry that RJ has found it necessary to leave, though I must admit that in general his posting were down in the dross like so called comedians like Russell Brand who think being offensive is funny and clever when in reality it is not that much different from sniggering when you said bum when you were 5 years old.

    The reality though is that some of his more recent stuff might have been actionable in court the result of which would be that we would all lose RR permanently.

    Regrettably when people test the limits of acceptability moderation will always be needed to protect the site. The problem here as before is that once again the moderation has been done with utmost secrecy thus making the moderation unacceptable rather than the content. I have long argued that all moderation should be open and public so that members can see both that the action is justifiable and reasonable and the offender can learn.

    As it is I am sure that sod all will actually happen and in 6 months another RJ will come along overstep the mark and then throw his rattle out of the pram.

    Certainly RJ contributes more to the site than some of those who have appeared from time to time when their quacks have got the dose a bit out of balance

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