Aden 1964


Docked there on the Jaguar and it was a pretty grim run ashore. Not only could you be blown up or shot at, but the chance of a legover was zero. I was duty on the Saturday and along with a killick and another A/B was detailed to join the joint service shore patrol to guard the NAAFI while a dance was taking place. The Cox'n in his infinite wisdom ensured we were dressed in half whites and issued with a whistle... (I kid you not) When we got to the NAAFI the leader of the patrol (an RAF Regiment sergeant) had a fit when he saw us. ''FUX SAKE'' he screamed, ''You'll be a sitting target in the dark dressed like that. And. . where's your weapons?'' We showed him our whistles and I thought he was going to have a fit. The rest of the patrol, needless to say, were dressed in combat clothing and armed with .303s. He sighed and muttered profanities about the f*cking navy and, to our delight, sent us inside the NAAFI to watch the entrance and fire exits. Obviously the best place to do this was from the bar and there we spent a perfectly pleasant evening getting lit whilst the rest of the patrol sweated outside in the dark. We were feeling no pain and joined in the dancing with the pongos daughters and wives with drunken gusto. Best duty I ever did, :)
I passed through Aden (age 16) in the Albion on the way to Singers having relieved the Bollock in that year … The daytime Tri-Service land rover patrols, had the Matelot in Whites (though armed) and the Gate sentries, also armed, at Sheba main gate were also dressed in whites. 1574061905966.png (ps … was there a Jackdusty called Jock Gritton in the Jag at your time ?