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Added pension

Still find this rather confusing. Have you/would you recommend?
Civvy colleague at work just retired at 55. Not a high flying job but at his leaving speech he said the best thing he ever did was to put money into his pension pot every month as soon as he could, when he could (before marriage and kids specifically then you are used to not having as much in your pocket). He pointedly said this to all our graduates and made me wish I had done the same when young.
I'm 59 and not able to pack it in yet (I do however blame a divorce and the housing market in the late 80's / early 90's as top of the list in ruining my long term plans!!)

In short - yes, do it while you can. I am paying into my company pension scheme and also paying £200 a month into a share save scheme but neither will help as much as a long term investment.
Thanks for the help lads will get on with an aim to adding to it. One of those things you think it's so far away why worry now! Get it in a savers and leave it

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