Add your HMS Raleigh basic training join up date!

Which month have you been given your joining date for?

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  • Dec 2007

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  • Jan 2008

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  • June 2008/July 2008/Aug 2008

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Thought I would start this off for all those new joiners on RR.

Basically, this thread is for all those RR members who are about to attend HMS Raleigh basic training now or in the near future, who have been given their dates.

Just simply add your joining up date (also, if you wish, the trade you will be joining as) to this thread and hopefully, others will follow in the hopes that you are able to find a ‘Raleigh buddy’.

Also, the poll added is to monitor what months the intakes are in.

Now, serious head on: Please strictly only use this thread to enter your joining dates, if you wish to pass on each other’s contact details, please do this via PM, however, keep in mind that you should not give out personal details over the internet to just any one


hey i may aswell be the first and a wee introduction. my names kenny i signed up for warfare specialist and got my date for october 14th