Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by jannerpig88, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. Are the carrier's and the remaining 42's still fitted with ADAWS
  2. + inject
  3. The remaining 42's was Mod 1 not sure if they've been up graded though
  4. Long time ago as Acps, on the Manch. Casex, Ngs, SAG,
    Do they still use the Mig's during inital ADAWS training.
  5. They used migs when I first did my baby OM training and they carried them on board. I don't know if they still do.
  6. They do, however when I dragged one out of it's stowage on the Manch the other week, the fucking things appear to have tripled in size.
  7. That wouldn't surprise me. You on there now?
  8. No mate, was seariding. seems a cracking ship though, apart from a real dogshit surface team.
  9. Nothing a clip round the head with a brass roller rule wouldn't sort out lol It worked on me.

    Shame I know the PWO(A) on there very well. The rouge still owes me a beer or two
  10. As a baby golly before joining boats I was UAA1/2 and ADAWS trained **** me bros were in the charts still. I remember LL? and spinning the tracker ball
  11. Had a good week on there, would happily join it as a draft.
  12. I would've if it wasn't Pompey. I am trying to get GUZZ based for the first time lol
  13. So........what was the key injection made when you heard Man Overboard from the OOW??? I just had this question and its 30 years since I touched ADAWS...still got it right though!!

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