Adams and Scolari

Too many players in and out at Pompey in too short a time for any semblance of stability. Now the transfer window has shut, thought he would've been a bit of time to find a settled team.
Chelsea ? manager let down by too many overpaid drama queens happy to take the money but not give the effort needed in return.
With football being the money driven business it is (not game), any success must be now - no chance of a period of grace whatsoever.
Next to go ? Mark Hughes.
Scolari was 50% inept and 50% let down by his players, Chelsea need a clear out, but even that doesn't account for the fact that not so big Phil has no idea how to turn a game around. A good manager when he has world class players who pick themselves on the inernational stage, not so good when playing every 3 days with real footballing sides and proper fansd on his back.

Adams didn't stand a chance, Pompey had arguably their best season ever, sold all their best players and provided him wih no cash. There was no way he could have made a decent go of it. That said he was sh1t at Wycombe too.

They both had to go, and they're both gash.
Perfect opportunity for Adams to get some seasoning at Arsenal as the defensive coordinator, I'm sure he has the knowledge, and with Arsene tutoring him, maybe eventually Tony will be the Gunners manager...he's a class act...he'll bounce back.... 8)

Chelsea.....looks good on them, throw as much money around as you want, it's always down to team chemistry, and if the players lose interest in their manager/coach, then eventually the axe swings...

Sir Alex is lucky he has full support from the owners and fans and players...good combination....;)
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