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Acute Idiopathic Urticaria - Medical Question


Hi. My son is intrerested in applying for the Navy. He had mild infantile eczema which has not needed treatment for many many years, however, on a family holiday to Dominican Republic about 3 years back he came out in a rash that covered most of his body. The on site doctor treated him intravenously on two separate occasions which didn't clear the rash but made him comfortable. On returning to the UK we visited our own doctor and was given oral antihistamines which cleared him up completely and he was referred to a specialist. He was diagnosed with Acute Idiopathic Urticaria. There was no obvious trigger and no allergy tests were done as they were deemed unnecessary. He was advised that this is rarely triggered by anything external to the body and reactions are rarely severe. He was given oral antihistamines to use if any further flare ups occurred. He isn't allergic to anything we are aware of and has had no issues with this condition except for this one instance. He has never had any repeat occurrences and has not needed to use any medication since. Is it likely he will be refused entry because of this diagnosis. Many thanks.


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Again, my apologies for a non-commital response but the best way to get a definitive response is to contact your local AFCO by email, with the details listed above and the request that your query is forwarded to the service entry medical cell (SEMC) for guidance.

My guess is it may well be an issue and they may well want to know what triggered it & what is the specialist's opinion on the likelihood of recurrence, but I'm not qualified to give medical advice, SEMC are.

The AFCO email address can be found on the following link, scroll down to the "Find your nearest AFCO" search function:


Thank you very much for your help. We didn't want to put people through the trouble and expense of applying to find out later down the line that he would be exempt due to medical reasons. I will pen an email as suggested and attach the specialists report and see what happens. Much appreciated :)


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I had a flare up of something on my legs in Florida, doc over there said I had possibly walk through something and had va reaction, skin still a darker colour, where rash was, almost 20 years ago? So @Ninja_Stoker gave sound advice, if you don't ask you will never know.
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