Actual Submariner Pay?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by oscar_the_grouch, May 17, 2010.

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  1. I have my interview in a few days and having looked on the Navy website and at the literature I have plus having done a search on here, I have some conflicting information that I was wondering if someone in the know could help with.

    What are the actual rates of pay for a submariner?

    On the job spec sheet I have the rates of pay are the following:

    Starting salary £13,377 rising to £16,681 pa

    Then on the Submarine careers feature it states the starting pay for submariners is £19500 plus the normal extras. Have a look -

    It will no doubt come up in the interview and I was just wondering which was right.
  2. Don't worry about it too'll have to pass Pt III first or whatever it's called now.
  3. Do you mean "actual", as opposed to "pretend"?
  4. This may be of some use -
    The link is to the most recent report from the armed forces pay review board (at the top). It details all the most recent salary changes including special pay e.g submariners pay.
    It will take some sifting through but it should all be in there somewhere. Enjoy.
  5. The 13K figure is correct for a rating entry, the 19k figure is for officers entry
  6. Actual rates of pay for submariners are paid to actual submariners. Before you become one, you have to join an actual submarine, and actually pass your actual PtIII/SMQ. Good news is that if you are lucky enough to get a jolly before you have actually qualified, you'll be on subbies (regardless of whether you are actually an AB or a Subby) and not actuals.
  7. :)

    Ok then smart arse, would you enlighten me and tell me what the actual rates of pay are for actual submariners
  8. When I was in it was LOADS OF MONEY!!!
  9. Incoming!!!:D
  10. I thought I would get some aggro for that nevermind (I can feel a cock of the week nomination coming)

    Thread over I think, thats a brilliant answer. Sounds good enough for me
  11. Taken from the report that wetanduseless gave you the link for, seeing as how you don't seem to have bothered your arse looking at it.

    Rate Reserve Band rate
    75% 50% 25%
    £/day £/day £/day £/day
    Level 1 – payable on qualification 12.12 9.09 6.06 3.03
    Level 2 – payable after 5 years on Level 1 15.75 11.81 7.88 3.94
    Level 3 – payable after 5 years on Level 2 18.78 14.09 9.39 4.70
    Level 4 – payable after 5 years on Level 3 21.22 15.92 10.61 5.31
    Level 5 – payable to Officers qualifying Advanced Warfare Course or in ChargeQualified positions 26.66 20.00 13.33 6.67

    Submarine Supplement 5.24 (Paid everyday while on a boat)
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  12. From the AFPRB report that wetanduseless provided a link to above:

    Annual pay all entrants £13,645 (I think you are on this for six months)
    Annual pay OR2/3 (AB) £17,015 (this is for the first year, both higher and lower pay bands)
    Submarine Pay £12.12 per day, or £4,423.8 per year (once you've passed your SMQ)
    SM supplement £5.24 per day, or £1912.6 per year (You get this if you are serving on a sea-going boat)
    Longer Separation Allowance £6.69 per day. (You get paid this if you are serving on a sea-going boat, and are at sea. I have not put an annual rate, as you will not be at sea for a year. If you do a 90 day patrol, you get about £600. If you do an eight month deployment, and are black watch, you get around £1600.)

    So, by the time you are an actual submariner, you should be getting close to twenty-five grand (plus, of course, your £5k golden handshake)

    As for cock-of-the-week nominations, I would never nominate someone for having a dig at me, as that comes across as sour grapes - I leave that to pan troglodytes with insecurity issues.
  13. I did actually look at it and have a good look through it but to be honest I am still struggling to make much sense of it and what you have put doesnt really mean all that much to me also. Thanks anyway, to you and wetanduseless but I am just going to go with the pdf I have.
  14. I take it that you were posting when I made my last contribution, and you didn't scroll up to see it.
  15. Yes sorry, thankyou that was very helpful. I wasnt having a dig, by the way I apologise if thats how it came across.
  16. Oscar,

    Mmm, Your Occupation: "Work in an accounts dept which is mind numbingâ€

    Mind-numbing as you might find it whenever/if ever you get to join the RN you will need to get a very firm grip on your personal pay entitlements, stoppages, mulcts, Tax & NI etc etc. These generally change annually iaw whatever the Government has accepted of the recommendation made by the AFPRB.

    Blindly trusting the Pusser to get it right every time is trust misplaced.

    It is not unknown for them to eventually realise that you have been well overpaid. Then suddenly it becomes payback time and you learn what a painful “Nor’ Easter†is all about - and it is NOT about chocolate eggs and fluffy bunnies either.
  17. Note also that submariners on sea going units get Single Living Accommodation cabins and pay nothing for it.
  18. Apologies if that didn't come out clearly, it was cut and pasted straight from the PDF.

    Submarine pay is paid in bands, rising every 5 years. The first figure is the daily rate of submarine pay for that band: i.e Level 1 – £12.12. The 3 figures that follow after that are the 3 reserve bands of submarine pay, set at 75, 50 & 25%, which is what your submarine pay drops to after 3 years (75%), 4 years (50%) and 5 years (25%) away from a submarine job. After 6 years you lose it completely.
    Submarine supplement is paid to all submariners serving on a boat at the same daily rate, regardless of rank or rate.
    As has also been pointed out, submariners living in barracks do not pay for their accommodation while serving on a boat. In a shore job or in training you will.
    Hope that clears it up.

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