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A buddy and I were discussing "Jack" films today and one of the questions that came up was, "What was the AWD during before, during and after WW2. When were No 8s introduced"?

Keep Striving
Before the war and during the war[WW2] it was blue suits or overalls.
In those days you had three blue suits . No 1's , best ,2's duty rig -red badges and 3's oldest blues red badges. Overalls were either worn over the blue suit or depending on climate on their own.
I don't think AWD [No 8's ]came in till about 1947 although the Canadians and US Navy had shirts and trousers working rigs.

Also you were issued with an Oilskin and an overcoat the pussers burberry
[raincoat] with detachable lining came in about 1956 .

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