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Discussion in 'UPO' started by gibmonkey, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. Heres one for you all. Been an acting killick for nearly 13 years. Yes I know, what a drag arse etc and I won't bore you all with my sob stories. I know my pension is safe and I leave next year having done my 22. Now drafty is saying that I must do lrcc next feb (9 months before I leave). I will be 40 at the time with the associated grey beard and pussers beer gut. Blah blah BR3 etc but what the hell? Are there not some rules laid down somewhere with regards to age and time left to do etc?
  2. Answered your own question in a way, what does the BR say?
  3. Go on I am intrigued. Why have you not done it over the last thirteen years?
  4. The BR says that you cannot be compelled to do leadership but you would have to relinquish the acting higher rate. I know that explains things but I am proably wrong in thinking that pusser might apply some common sense to invidual cases
  5. No it won't. Unless you have been in a wheelchair for thirteen years I see ZERO reasons for you not to have at least attempted it.

    This may help........

    AB's [email protected]
    Armed Forces Pension and Annual Allowance Calculator (AFPAAC)
  6. Frogman, LRCC booked and cancelled 6 times. Twice due to injury (broken bones) and the rest through the ships programme and not willing to let me go etc. In the end I just stopped worrying about it but of course it has now raised it's ugly head
  7. Appreciate the link to pension calculator. Allready used that. Killicks pension is safe. As in having held acting rank for 2 years or more in the last five years of service
  8. Nah..I'm with you on this one's pointless doing a LRLC as you are so close to leaving, but then again Pusser isn't renowned for common sense...either your Div SR or DO or possibly both are pissing themselves laughing about this stitch must have severly pissed someone off.

    Go for it...I really enjoyed mine...
  9. So if they take your rate off you, is it still safe? I am sure SJRMRN will be along soon to clarify it.

    I still feel that you could have found a slot and done it over the last 156 months!
  10. That has got to be some kind of record. I'd abuse you for being lazy, but you don't need me to tell you.
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  11. Nah..I was acting like a killick for 20 years...although I was a PO and then a Chief....but somehow never quite got the acting like a grown up !!
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  12. Sounds like someone is just trying to piss you off. Makes no sense at all doing it and taking the place of someone else who really wants to be on it when its obvious that you don't. Your pension is safe so if they are still playing the **** then just fail your fitness test on day one and be back home in time for morning stand easy.

  13. Yeah why not? It's only the military!
  14. So you think that it makes sense to take up a valuable place on LRCC when the rating has less than 9 months to serve and for whatever reason hasn't managed to get on a course X amount of years? What do you feel he will benefit the service by doing it?
  15. Well turning up and failing on day one will be a waste of that space.

    Request to see the CO, relinquish his rate and he won't have to do it.

  16. I think my dig is more about the previous 13 years. However, why shouldn't the OP do it to secure his pension? Some of us had to jump through hoops to progress our careers. Also he may be of use to the mob once qualified and an offer of 2OE may be on the table.

    Am I wrong in saying that you're another fatty with the "**** it, fail the fitness test" attitude?
  17. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    13 years ducking and diving out of the way of this course demonstrates initiative and skill. He should be awarded an honorary "Pass".
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  18. Fully agree with yoyu about this idle waster froggy, but he is correct. Even if reverted his pension is safe.
  19. You're factually correct I dont deny, however it is wrong if you ask me.

  20. His pension is in the bag and if it wasn't then I'm sure we wouldn't be having this conversation as he would probably be trying his hardest to get on it. No offence to the OP but after 13 years of not getting on a course (for whatever reason) he wouldn't be my choice for EC (is it still classed as 2OE)?

    OK probably pitching up on day 1 and purposely failing the test maybe isn't the best approach but is it too much to ask for a little common sense from his line manager/DO?

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