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Discussion in 'UPO' started by bongo_jeffrey, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. Wondering if anyone can help with a query- I've tried the search function but come up with nothing. I'm also unable to access JSPs or UPO in my present location, hence my resorting to the Forum.

    Can anyone tell me at what point acting higher rank can be granted? I am about to be appointed to a post at the higher rank (not rank ranged) but will need to complete about 18 months of PJTs prior. I dimly recall that AHR was granted upon entering the training pipeline- is this the case?

    The extra 18 months doesn't make a huge difference in terms of pay or pension but might give me a fighting chance of being treated like an adult during PJTs!


  2. Check with your Career Manager, but these days I expect you will be lucky to get it before you are performing the duties.
  3. So you don't go far wrong, the general rule of thumb is that you're in the position as it has to be justified that you can be paid at that acting rank as well.

    Pussers general view is that if you're not doing the job, why should you be paid at the higher rank? Not to sound nasty, but that'll be the view of your Unit HR when they raise the signal (if required)
  4. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Pretty sure that the granting of AHR is the gift of the Career Manager. As you may well get just the one Assignment Order the AHR may date from the start of the PJT. Basically its up to your CM.
  5. For AFPS 75 members only:

    You need two years in the higher rank in your last five years of service to qualify for the higher pension.
    If you do more than one year but less than two, you will get a pro rata uplift - so, for example, if you did one year you would get half the difference between the pension for each rank added to the pension for the lower of the two ranks.
    If you do less than one year, it does not reflect in you pension.

    For AFPS 05:

    Pension is based on the best 365 consecutive days pay in the last three years - so, if you are paid in the higher rank in your last three years, it will be part of the calculation no matter how short the period.
  6. Thanks for the helpful info. Looks like I will need to buy the CM some wets!


  7. Does anyone know the reference regarding acting higher rank please? I'm guessing somewhere in BR3?
  8. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Yep, its all in BR3 these days.
  9. ========================================



    Might just be me but there's a faint but nonetheless distinct whiff of a barrel coming from this thread...

    SEPTIMUS - Forgive my presumption but I'll take a guess and offer my heartiest congratulations in advance.:eek:ccasion6:


    But if I'm wrong please let me have 'em back...

  10. Nice thought but the order of chickens and counting and hatching are to be borne in mind! For those of you on here that know me, this definitely isn't a good buzz.
  11. WTF is a Career Manager?

  12. Someone on your back telling you to get your PEEps done?
  13. Drafty in old money.
  14. I've never liked BRs. I find them a little bit, I don't know, cold I suppose.
  15. JSP sounds colder. Apparently the key word is Joint now, so why do the Army get an Over 37 scheme and no-one else does? Hmmmmm......

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